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Salt step CIELO


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Hello. Awesome efforts to all and thanks.

I hope this is the right place for this question, if not tell me where to go :)...

In the CIELO tek I see:

'' Consumables👩‍🌾

  • Washing soda (Na2CO3) and salt (NaCl) for solvent reclaim (neutralization and wash)

Crystallize ✨

Drop ~5 grams (~1 teaspoon) of citric acid into extract. Do not under salt with citric acid since it is necessary to have excess citric acid to form crystalline momomescaline citrate (gooey trimescaline citrate can form in alkaline conditions). Allow the citric acid to dissolve by diffusion without stirring. Extract will cloud as the dissolved citric acid reacts with mescaline freebase to form insoluble mono-mescaline citrate. Cloudiness may be hard to see in darker extracts (a backlight may help). If the citric acid is anhydrous and/or coarse it may take a while to dissolve, however it WILL dissolve fully. Leave cloudy extract undisturbed and sealed with a lid. Crystals of monomescaline citrate should begin to appear after a few hours, and take a few days to completely crash out (at least 3 days of wait is recommended). ´´...

> : The thing that I am confused about is salt:

1) if it is added at the same time as the citric acid?
2) Do I pre mix salt and citric acid?
3) Did I miss a step somewhere regarding the salt?
4) Is pure NaCl required?

Whooooooo to everyone.
You are confusing "salting" the extract with citric acid with using table salt for washing and reusing the solvent.

1) NO! Salt (NaCl) is used for washing the solvent (see the "Reuse" section of the wiki) after the mescaline citrate has crystallized.
2) NO!
3) NaCl is used to wash the solvent.
4) I don't know. Personally, I would use pure NaCl to avoid any issues.
Thanks Shroombee,

According to my interpretation of other replies that I have sought, the amount is eye-balled at tablespoon level for the speified doses of consumables.

Is this alright?

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