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Salv-A Syrup Microdose Test.

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I have some of Twig Harper's Salv-A Syrup, and I am going to try it out for a week (unless it interferes with my math class I'm taking online).

For all those who are interested the ingredients are as follows (from the label on the bottle):

Salvia Divinorum (Salvinorin A, B, C, D, E, F)
Nigella Sativa (Thymoquinone)
Eugenol in a carrier blend of Sunflower, Nigella Sativa, and Olive Oils

Recommended serving size: 1/4 tsp - 1/2 tsp

Recommended use: 1 serving daily in the morning

Of course, research use only... Researching indeed! I will update when I can.

Quick update 26 - July - 2015:

Took a 1/4 tsp just now (6:10 PST). Super spicey!!! Will call this T+0:00

T+0:20: Feeling slightly different in a way I can't quite put words to, and a little tired.

T+1:30: Still feeling slightly more tired, but that may be because I ate food a couple of hours ago. Tactile sensations are slightly elevated, but almost too minute to notice. I have a general feeling of wellbeing, but they may be a placebo. More time will tell.

28 - July - 2015

Not too much to report on today. Took the same dose (1/4 tsp) with my morning coffee. Felt mild nausea after until I ate, but that may have also to do with the fact that I drank 4 drink units of alcohol last night. I did feel very calm and happy the whole day though.

I went to the orientation day at the University I will be attending this fall, and felt renewed excitement to be a part of it's community.

I think I will continue to take 1/4 tsp a day for now, and up the dose to 1/2 tsp this weekend when I have more freedom to be more spacy.

29 - July - 2015

Last night I had a dream that I was not myself, but rather living the life of someone else. It was a short dream involving me being a slightly overweight female who tried to play a simulation game of a manual car racing game with her skinny (japanese?) female friends. After crashing the car into heavy rush hour traffic she (I?) decide that she's need laser eye surgery immediately since she had a hard time seeing. So, being wealthy as she was she gets to it. The dream ended there.

I also had another dream that I was myself and that I had consumed a cannabis tincture I made myself and I thought my mom had confiscated it after, but it turned out that I had put it with the other jars, but then I realized I may have screwed myself over because I'm on probation and it was the end of the month. (My probation is real btw) Dream ended there.

This morning I took the same dose with more or less the same effects other than less nausea this morning. Sense of well being and all that, at least until I realized I am very far behind on my Trigonometry work and got really stressed out for a while to the point that I could not think straight. I then ate something and drank more coffee and then actually learned some stuff. I took 10mg of Noopept about 5pm to try to squeeze some more math out of my day and got a little more done.

I also came the realization that drinking alcohol of any amount is a contributing factor to me easily getting upset and not being able to think straight, so I think I'm going to abstain for now and see if that helps me.

30 - July - 2015

Last night I had a dream that I actually saw most of my family at some dinner type thing. The people there felt like my family and had their names, but everyone looked different. I ended up spending most of my 'time' there hanging out with my cousin in the basement smoking cigarettes, and when I saw everyone else they were having trouble closing a container of some type, so I smacked it shut around the edges when saying smack that, to which everyone in the vicinity replied, "ohhh-hh-hhh-hh" like that one song. It was hyper-real and super bizarre.

So far today, I have had more or less the same effects as the previous days. Took a quiz in Trig and got not so great of a grade, but that was more to do with lack of preparation than the salvia. I will study more tonight and tomorrow and retake it on Saturday. So far I do not think that this micro-dosing is interfering with my ability to do logical tasks such as math.

Sounds like you are in for an interesting time! Sending positive vibes your way! Keep us posted!

I have cleaned up this thread to have the experience all in the 'first' post. I also added my dream content that I could remember from last night.

I am interested to hear what the buccal salvia powder did for you N.D...
I made my own topic about it, actually, you can find the report here

In short, I felt kind of weird for most of the day (not particularly relaxed or happy, but more like everything had a dream-like, or surreal quality - it wasn't unpleasant but I wouldn't call it nice either, just weird), and that night, I had very strange dreams and out-of-body kind of experiences.

Nice, I forgot I read that, and that was one of two posts that got me more interested in Twig's salvia concoctions.
I did go through a vial of this salv-a-syrup too. Took a tsp or 1/2 tsp daily for about a month.
On a particular note, I was also dosing green Malay ground leaves daily.
Both synergize quite well in a very energizing euphoric way.

I wish I could repeat this experience as well as venturing into more synergies ( such as with muscimol, essence of amanita muscaria ), or harmalas.
I dont produce salvia leaves but I would wish to search more into tincture making ( oil, vinegar etc.. ).
I haven't got much success with the powder extractofsame brand but maybe I simply didnt let it sit long enough.
Microdose feels mentally and physically very empowering.
He stopped making it, and I really want to have more syrup to microdose daily as it worked a charm as dopamine upregulator.
So I'll got to DIY.
Please chime in if intersted.
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