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salvaged a week batch of changa with caapi..

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God everythig is so beautiful..the world is like a giant crystal

i dunno what I did wrong, think it must have been the sodium carb wash..maybe it didn't convert from bicarbonate completely..first time i tried it. I only used 25 grams mimosa as a test.

Anyway I wasn't connecting with it at all..so i took the changa and re dissolved it all in some iso, and then threw in another gramn of powdered caapi..and filtered it and evapped it all to a goo..it was oily from the caapi but it didn't mind..threw almost all of it the pipe with a leaf bed of mullein and smoked it all..

No breakthrough..but it's really stong..i am having trougble typing this..but it's wayy wayy closer to real aya than any changa I ever made..I went walking around my garden sort of confused but sooooo blissful..sitting down closing my eyes with the sun shining, trepoid spirals shooting out of my third eye..it's been 30 minuts and still going strong..I must have smoked 3 grams worth of caapi at once..wow..soooo nice and warm and wonderful..I drank some cocoa earlier too so I am sure that is playing a part as well..

I keep seeing indigo light covering everything..and vibrating and I am shaking but it feels good:d..This is the best entheogen aside from drinking aya in a brew..god it's so nice..from now on I will always use real high dose caapi exracts in my changa..it's just not the same without a full vine presence..I feel like the visuals I usually have behind closed eyelids are totally protruding out to the world around me..

Walking in my garden and touching my plants and smelling flowers is soooo beautiful..all the crazy pattens on the flowers seem to shoot out in 3d..I dunno what else to say..everything is just sooo beautiful! I feel like I drank a full brew.


So lovely, indeed. The synergy between spice and vine is heavenly. I went further in than ever before last week with a 25mg SLingshot. I simply lie there looking at my lovely muse of a girlfriend as she gives off golden orange streaks of light and her face softens and morphs. The sheer bliss one feels with the two together is unrivaled. Like touching the center of the source of all love. So good to have ones soul recharged.

I am quite envious, I must admit, of your nice walk in the garden. To see nature is something I've yet to try while under. I live in the arsehole of the country.

curious, can I add caapi copy to my bowl of herb and spice? I have strictly used it sub-lingually(SLingshot)...

Happy traveling, FE, and nice new AV.

I think the caapi copy would work..I did not freebase my caapi extraction..though I think I might try that as well..

Yeah I wont touch spice without the vine anymore..aya is really becomming my greatest ally. She's really soo much more than just a potentiator if you add enough..these beautiful irridescent blues were flowing over everything(if you ever drink vine only brews you might know what I mean), flowing around with beautiful spiralling geometry, and the sunlight was like liquified, way diff from straight spice/spice on cappi shavings..a vine extract is the way to go..I think it was my best smoked spice experience ever..including breakthroughs..this was just wayyy more healing..it was like a cosmic orgasm of light straight form god. I could see transparent spirit type things flying aorund in the air around me..it was really 3d..

I dunno how much spice and jungle was in there..but i pulled from 25 grams origionally and smoked 75% of it(keep in mind I lost some with the wash I am guessing)..I think the vine slowed down the spice so that it was more like a real aya trip and less of a 5 minute breakthrough...

It was also soo clear, really clean feeling. It felt 100% purifying. I feel like I discovered heaven in a tiny glass vial..like this is where I have been trying to get to all along.

haha..Im going to have to edit that first post for spelling..it took me a good minute or so to even figure out how to post!..I just sat there wanting to say all these things but was still so blown away.

edit..I also find that rue just does not compare..I made changa with a high dose of rue crystals I salted out before and it just wasn't the same at all..
What a great post, and it's exactly what my skunk has been looking for. He loves spice, loves it even more with LSD, because it lasts longer... He is going to have to give the vine a whirl. Thanks for the post!
I like my changa, but I swear I get better results when I just put caapi over spice rather than infusing the 2 with a solvent. I guess it has much to do with the solvent degrading the harmalas.
I keep wondering about that..if the iso is destroying some of it..but it couldnt have destroyed it all..I was hallucinating for like at least 35 minutes quite hard..as if I had drank a full brew..and it was way more euphoric than spice alone..and the visuals were different.

I think it was ron that said it might be causing them to oxidise though..but it could be like when DMT oxidises..still active just a bit differnent, maybe a bit weeker..but I put in 3 grams of vine and smoked it all..but yes I am planning on salting out the alks next time and just adding it to some pure spice, and just keeping a jar of mullein for leaf beds to see the difference..

SO when you use caapi with smoked spice do you find that there is more of that irridencent blue indigo sort of light with it?..thats what really made it soo beautiful, like a indigo ooze filling up the atmosphere..
thats great! Swims experience is that swim and swims swiys can go for a few hours with just enhanced leaf... Swim likes the vine added to it as well... not as much as enhanced leaf alone though.
caapi vine does add a different quality to it for sure... depends on the cultivar too. but the clarity of just leaf alone blows people away... instant clarity...
I have never tried caapi leaves..i will have to get some and try..I think I heard the leaf is actually stronger than vine? or maybe that it had more THH..
fractal..how much powdered caapi did you use with the changa? SWIM is going to be making some changa again soon and is wanting to try this now that you posted this! :)
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