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salvia and meditation?

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ive heard some people say salvia is good for meditation (I am assuming low doses).
anyone here has experience with that?

I am very interested in exploring that potential
Hello, I see you are really digging salvia lately. Low doses can be great for meditation. either you do buccally or you vape low dose but it's good to stay immobile and just contemplate ... Did you do buccal salvia ? also if you vape it, know that muscimol ( so amanita muscaria, pantherina or guessowii ) seems to extend the experience.
I usually (usually and usually but sometime:) ) When I wake up I first take a 30min walk in nature. Then I do some pranayama and some other yoga practises to prepare the body. And when Im done with the preparation before going into meditation I chew 5-7g of dried leaves for 15-20min. This is done in pure darkness with low very selective music.

This of course becomes pretty psychadelic but if you can manage your concentration it wonderful and your remaining day will be as well.

This is done on an empty stomache.

If you dont want the psychadelic touch try with a lower dose. Viva la Salvia!:love:
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