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Salvia causing no visuals but near heart failure?

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Hi im just wobdering if anyone has any knowledge on what may have happened here?
So to start i am very experienced with most classic psychedelics i have used dmt many times even at high doses 150+ mg at time, Many more experiences to count on Lsd including being puddled a few times, i have used ketamine a lot as well and have been using mushrooms for years and years... But never in my experience have i had this happen.

To start me and a trusted friend were hanging out we had some salvia hanging around and i had expressed that i had never had a true salvia experience, so we started testing dosages starting of very small and slowly working my way up higher to try to have any experience.
In the first try to small no effects at all, second try still to small but slight "gravitational" effect, Third try alright definate gravity effect no visual still very coherent, fourth try even more gravity distortion still nothing else, and for the fifth time leveled i had to lay down felt like it was going to work and then my heart slowed down so much that it would stop for seconds at a time and was almost impossible to take a breath when this was happening, At this point it was similar to having the wind knocked out of me but instead of not being able to exhale i wasn't able to inhale?

anyways this continued for about a min and then all effect quickly went away the whole thing lasted maybe 1 min and a half at most
Completely teriffying but no trip other than the "gravity" feeling and this was slowly building to a large dose

Any ideas let me know what you think Nexus and thanks for your time 😁

P.S. All is fine no lasting adverse effect but afterwards it did feel like i had a heart attack even if minor
After talking with Dreamor in chat i think it may have been a "Bolt" reaction but regardless will only be working with salvia i grow myself in the future and have some big trip sitters to restrain me if necesary
Glad you recovered well dmusicaltrancistor. Not using outsourced salvia sounds like a good idea.

RhythmSpring said:
dmusicaltrancistor said:
may have been a "Bolt" reaction

Can't resist...

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