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Hello all i have ben contemplating this combo for some time and last night decided to follow through with it. Firstly i insuffated between four to five seeds prepared with lime and eggshell mix. For those who want to know it was 1 part lime eggshell to 5 parts dried deshelled roasted seeds.
after about 4 to 5 minutes as i started to feel it working i put about 2 match head sized pinches of the 40x salvia in my pipe and took one large slowburn hit till i had all i could hold. As i was putting the pipe down i was literaly forced into a lying down position with my arms outstretched. The visuals were entirly different than with either substance alone. It could only be described as a almost wet oil painting in motion. Like an halloween carnaval freakshow vibe ,but somehow friendly.As for the feel it was exactly as you may imagine very heavy limbed from the yopo but the stretching folding velcro sensations of the salvia merged beautifully. It actually felt very safe.It is very difficult to articulate much of it but all i can say is it was not so much i was there more i was the event itself travelling through a neon vine filled tube. Earthy but futurustic , aincent modern contadiction of a place.
Apologies for my grammer or lack of and my rambling report. Im just very excited and wanted to tell someone, my wife get sick of my trip reports.
I think next time i will up the salvia a tad or split the dose into two 10 minute intervals.
thx for reading .
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