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Salvia Flowers and LED Lights

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Every winter I grow a few salvia plants indoors, and this year, mainly due to space constraints, I decided to grow one under an LED grow light. It’s a nice light – separate adjustments for both blue and red.

I turned both the blue and red to near their minimum settings, and much to my surprise, the plant developed blossoms and flowers. Cuttings from the same original plant grown in natural light have not shown any signs of flowering.

Anyhow, I thought some of you might like to see some nice photos of salvia flowers:



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What a beauty !!!:thumb_up:

I wish i could find a cutting of Salvia Divinorum plant and play with it :)

Maybe one day :love:

Best regards
A perfect post and timing as I'm getting ready to throw LEDs on mine, so this is good to know. My light doesn't have that option, just a bloom and veg switch.

That is a nice surprise and looks fantastic, I'm curious though, do they have a good smell come with them?

Looking good :thumb_up:

To answer some questions that have been asked:

1) The salvia flowers don’t have any odor that I can detect.
2) The light is the DS XTE 100
3) I will try to repeat this – I’m curious to see if flowering is easily repeated.
4) I’m hoping for seeds, but the blossoms drop off quickly – kind of like day lilies.
AFAIK the real trick is not getting the plant to flower, but getting it to bear seeds. Anyway, to give it a chance, you can use an electric toothbrush to ultrasonically agitate the flowers, which can help self-pollination (not the best thing for breeding purposes, but since you only have this single plant flowering...)
Now, that's the most exciting photo I've seen for quite some time! It will be most interesting to see if this effect is replicable.

Salvia growers, get to it!
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