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salvia media, books and podcasts

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Hello friends,

I was wondering if any of you has recomendations of podcasts, books, and media in general about Salvia Divinorum.

I have read the JD Arthur and Ross Heaven books already.
Also heard pretty much every podcast on Youtube.

But maybe there is some more interesting audiovisual info out there?

Seems like Salvia info is still scarce compared with other visionary substances.

And here we have Christopher Solomon again, very recent. Salvia - the misunderstood healer.

Interesting interview.

Well, I did my yearly check of Salvia Divinorum: A Western Approach and it has not been released. Might be interesting if it is ever released.
Salvia Divinorum: a Western Approach. Now available on Amazon.com.

For sale and for rent. Have not seen it yet but will do so if it suits me.
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