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Salvia Plain dried leaf and reverse tolerance

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I am interested to hear others experience generally on reverse tolerance, and more specifically with dried leaf.

Because........frankly I have to smoke more than I enjoy smoking in one sitting to get anywhere, looking for some hope that this will get easier!

Small water pipe and a full bowl taken in 3-4 hits works, but it’s just not a fun thing to smoke that much of.

Thanks fam :love:
My reverse tolerance comes from using salvia divinorum extracts. Indeed, much less to smoke but much more effective. :thumb_up:

I wouldn't say each time that I've used salvia it was substantially more intense with each session, but rather the intensity increased any time I experienced novelty during the experience, and to a significant extent when compared to other psychedelic plants.

If plain leaf is all you have then perhaps your own extraction may be worthwhile for stronger leaf material. Also, grinding the leaf down to near-powder might help reduce the amount of bowls required. That way you don't need to take 3-4 bowls in one sitting and fit more material in your pipe. However, it could be a bad coughing fit. Personally, I found combining small amounts of peppermint leaf with salvia divinorum to reduce coughing.
+1 for making your own enhanced leaf if plain leaf is your only option, and if you have enough to work with. I'm not sure what a minimum would be for making an extract, but I've done it with 1/2 oz a few times easily enough and I'm sure I could have used 1/2 of that.

Another possible option would be to vape your plain leaf, depending on what devices you have available. I have an old box vape with a whip that works pretty well. I turn the heat up all the way and inhale at a moderate speed to keep the leaf from combusting. Since there is no burning, I can take multiple hits with no discomfort at all. Other vapes may work better and be more efficient, but I've found this works just fine.
I miss my box vape! That’s pretty brilliant, may have to reinvest there. I do have a wood VG pipe available.

I have dry plain leaf, sold as a tea. I think it is about an ounce or so......may just have to try an extraction.

So the reverse tolerance is minimal unless getting into the higher extracts?
SynKyd said:
So the reverse tolerance is minimal unless getting into the higher extracts?

That's a good measure to take. Higher the percentile of salvinorin A in your material. And if there's one thing I've learned about salvia, is that if the set and setting are novel with each session, tends to create a more immersive experience. I think most psychedelics apply to this, but salvia is just so astonishing and strange you wouldn't want to miss it for the world! :lol: :thumb_up:
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