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Salvia / water pipe

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So I have had no luck in the past with salvia; had some extracts i bought in Vegas that just made me uncomfortable without any real effects about 5 years ago and i gave them away.

Bought a big bag of salvia tea on a trip to San Fran about a year ago that I noticed in an herbal shop there. Smoked it as a plain leaf in a small pipe and never felt anything except lung discomfort.

So I recently bought a small water pipe, and tried that today with a torch lighter and a decent bowl loaded.

I definitely felt something, but it wasn’t the full experience (hoping to work my way up there and also keep at this with the reverse tolerance in mind).

So basically, three decent rips to clear the bowl of dried plain leaf.

Third hit I felt a bit like the elves were calling from spice land, come on, get up, come here.

I was feeling pulled towards the mini blinds to lean forward and get into the vortex, like there may have been a tunnel behind my tv stand if I walked there. I remained seated, eyes open, never lost my sense of who and why I was there.

No female entity, no real visual impairment, similar to spice dabbling thus far.

I will continue this research periodically and report here, interested to hear if others can relate.

I have a decent amount of the tea, may try the rehydrate and quid method also sometime.

Sounds like a good plan for working your way up patiently with Salvia.

The only thing I'd add is to suggest closing your eyes, especially at these lower doses. The salvia effects will be much more noticeable at this dosage level than if you have your eyes open.

With eyes open, the visual sense takes over too much at this dose, and it is difficult to notice the change in awareness.

With eyes closed, you may find that your thinking space/mental imagery becomes more obvious and expanded beyond your skull area.

At bigger doses, the salvinorin will overwhelm the visual senses even with eyes open, but at this level, keeping them open is probably not helpful.

Keep us updated!
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