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Salvinorin nasal dosage?

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I would think that snorting 35-40mg of pure salvinorin would be reckless without having worked up from way smaller dosages first. It might even prove to be experientially worse than stuffing 15g of leaves up your nose.

Sublingual salvinorin has typically been administered in some kind of carrier matrix - perhaps you've read the salvia syrup thread and would prefer not to dye your tongue greenish black? Anyhow, I just get the feeling that intranasal salvinorin crystal could be pretty hit-and-miss as your administering a lipophilic substance in solid form into an overall hydrous area. Reducing particle size would result in more of the substance getting carried further along the airways.

In short, I foresee technical issues.
Ok well, that *start low* tipp obviously fits to every situation 😁 . But regarding uptake of Salvinorin: I thought *Quidding Salvia* means to put plain leaves in your mouth and squish and chew them for at least 10 minutes. That would also release the Salvinorin and then it would pass buccal tissue for full effects.
Then there is no mention about additional syrup / cyclodextrin / ... so I thought it would indeed be transferable this way?

Here Loveall talks a little bit about this.
'Carrier matrix' includes leaves! Some of the leaf components may/should/will enhance absorption thanks to a number of possible mechanisms: physical abrasion; leaf lipids; other unspecified non-polar components. And let's not forget the traditional sip of tequila that has sometimes been mentioned!

I mentioned particle size - the size range for average Salvia trichomes ought to be compared with the working size of salvinorin A crystals, was what I was thinking.

Here Loveall talks a little bit about this.
yes, that's what I was getting at :)
and also, this.
Well that stuff is really voluminous, I said recrystalized, but its far from cristalinty ;P

Dropped even faster from IPA by addition of Naphtha, so I tested 15 mg of this grey cotton stuff, it looked so much, because of voluminous precipitation from IPA -> Naphtha, that it really made me a little worried. Looking at that amount I felt bad when I remember how I smoked 1/2 20x extract in Amsterdam once and pretty much passed out :shock: Its crazy that they sell that stuff over there ...

Anyways, 15 mg = totally no effect. So I dont even know if it would be worth spending 30 mg, but then it also starts getting irritating to the nose. Seems like this is nothing more worthy to investigate. :thumb_dow
FYI - While some people do indeed need several grams of plain leaf when quidding, 15g seems quite excessive, and that much would not all be absorbed at the same time.

There seems to be a maximum amount that can be transferred over a given time buccally, so using a large amount like 15g would most likely just extend the trip rather than make it deeper.

Both Zebbie (RIP - I believe) and I need just under a gram of plain leaf to get 'there', although we are both likely on the more sensitive side.

So for determining how much to try, I'd suggest more along the 3-6mg range of salvinorin in your mixture to start with.

I don't recall reading of anyone else trying to insufflate salvinorin - interesting idea. Although I'm usually game to try new ROAs with salvia, this one doesn't sound appealing, so I'll watch this experiment from afar.

Wishing you the best of luck!
Hello, sublingually, pure isolated salvinorin A isn't as good and working well than the more crude extracts. Forthis reason now I like to chew on fresh salvia leaves and if I want to boost it without a mouth full of leaves, or burning my mouth with strong ethanol tincture, I chew fresh leaves and then add some droppers of my homemade tincture. Basicsearchwill explain to you why pureisolated salvinorin A isn't well metabolised if used sublingually.
But I had some pure isolated Salvinorin A at the time I first joined the forum,and I tried nasally ( best ROA forpure salvinorin A is vaping or smokingit). I did snort and I didnt lay down in darkness, meditiation style ( thats what I would do if I were totry again ),and notice some stimulant effects,more dopamine. It hought it is interesting.
I think I did snort 1 to 2 mg nasally forthat. 3à to 40 mgseems excessive butif you need 15 grams of dreid leaves to feel anything... Ihad a lot and could spare some for experiment but 1 mg of salvinorin A smoked or vaped is a good dose,even very strong dose,but it hardly do anything by itself if other ROA
Looks like it is reverse tolerant so usually poeple used to salvia needs less and poeple who do'nt know it do'nt feel anything or use lot till they get it. Risk is to get hyperslapped...
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