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San Pedro experience

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Hello all,

I'm new here, don't know much about this site so I'm exploring.
I wonder what you think about my experience?

I had a San Pedro ceremony at the end of a 3-week raw food diet.

I passed out very early into the ceremony, I don't remember much but I ended up sitting on the Shaman's leg at some point during the ceremony. I remember he called me his daughter, I learned that he lost his daughter some time ago. I also remember fighting the burning liquid he spits on me that went into my eye. I did all that unintentionally I wasn’t myself and I was out most of the time not remembering what had happened. I only remember pieces of it.
The Shaman told me that “You got your as… kicked by the Spirit.” It felt like it for sure.
After the ceremony and after coming back from passing as I was in and out not remembering much I really felt like I was thrown in every way like a piece of a doll is held by its legs and you smash everything with that doll. My body hurt so much everywhere I felt like I had no energy left in my body, I could barely move or walk. I felt like I was bruised all over my body. I never felt this way before. I don’t remember much but people told me I was laughing so hard I passed out from it, I hit my forehead in the dirt or a rock on the ground that opened up my forehead.
My head was lying in a woman's lap, I couldn’t move, got no energy. I remember I saw my cut through my 3rd eye and I saw my 3rd eye. Felt like I saw my self from out of my body but still close to my body not too far away from. Felt like an out of body experience.

Later that night the other shaman told me that as he cleaned my injury the cut just closed up in front of his eyes.
He also saw a sign formed from dried blood around my injury.

My question is why did my as.. got kicked by the Spirit like this? Was this an out of body experience since I saw my injury from above my body?
What does it mean?
What do you think?
Is it common to pass out from a San Pedro ceremony?
Thank you, Cheers
I don't think I had but I'm not exactly sure how I would encounter an entity?
I have stuff that disappears all the time or gets placed somewhere else. Unless I go kuku and I don't remember where I placed them. :lol:
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