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San Pedro - Oxidation or Mold?

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I've been cutting and drying San Pedro with great success using a food dehydrator the past few days. Recently though I had some company come over so I had to hide things. I put my cut (but yet to be dried) San Pedro in two large zip lock bags, tucked away in a drawer. They stayed in there for about 48 hours. I just retrieved the cut San Pedro bags and many of the pieces are a little mushy, some with a red discoloration. It's not that dissimilar to if you cut an apple and let it sit out.

Should I be worried or is this just oxidation? I'm doing an extraction (69ron tek) so perhaps it doesn't matter even if it is mold? Feel stupid for just tossing the cut cacti in freezer bags (where moisture clearly gathered) but I had to store it away in a hurry and didn't really think things through. Really hoping I didn't screw up as it's probably 8 pounds of cut cacti. 4 pounds of which are in my food dehydrator and the rest I have a fan on.

Can anyone advice?

Image attached. These are the slices I just have a fan on for the time being as my food dehydrator is full.


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Looks like a bit of rot and possibly mould from what I can see. You'd be wise to extract the alkaloids rather than just making a simple brew or consuming cactus powder, which I see from one of your other posts is what you're planning on doing. A little bit of rot might even make the alkaloids more readily available.

I'd also have kept the tips for growing but that's subject to availability of space of course. Would you consider seeing if the largest of the tips will still root? Cactus growing is such a rewarding hobby.
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