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Saponines in the plants: how that structured. classification.

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Information about alkaloids Saponins
We need upgrade this information
"That Saponins are glucosides with foaming characteristics. Saponins consist of a polycyclic aglycones attached to one or more sugar side chains. The aglycone part, which is also called sapogenin, is either steroid (C27) or a triterpene (C30). The foaming ability of saponins is caused by the combination of a hydrophobic (fat-soluble) sapogenin and a hydrophilic (water-soluble) sugar part. Saponins have a bitter taste. Some saponins are toxic and are known as sapotoxin."

about effects sapanines
Major Actions of Saponins in the Body:

Properties of saponin containing herbs are many & varied and may include alterative, diuretic, expectorant, anti-catarrhal, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, antioxidant, emmenagogue, cardiac stimulant, hormone modulating, hepatoprotective, and adrenal adaptogenic effects. Possibly their most important property is to accelerate the body’s ability to absorb other active compounds. Some of their more specific noted effects include:

Hepatoprotective providing Kuppfer cell support in the liver promoting detoxification
Adaptogen (or Adrenal tonic effect) & Hormone modulating by mimicing our endogenous hormones and specifcally sparing cortisol
Stimulating expectorant effect via activation of mucociliary escalator and mucous membrane irritation
Diuretic effect via local irritation of kidney epithelia
Gentle Detoxifiers eliminating toxic buildup in various ways throughout the body
Cholesterol lowering by binding with cholesterol so it cannot be re-absorbed into the system. Bile acids form mixed micelles with cholesterol, facilitating its absorption. Saponins cause a depletion of body cholesterol by preventing its reabsorption, thus increasing its excretion, in much the same way as other cholesterol-lowering drugs (sequestrants). Note: The binding of bile acids by saponins has other important implications, as primary bile acids are metabolized by bacteria in the colon, producing secondary bile acids which can be promoters of colon cancer (see anti-cancer effects).

Anti-cancer – The proposed mechanism of anti-carcinogenic properties of saponins include antioxidant effect, direct and select cytotoxicity of cancer cells, immune-modulation, acid and neutral sterol metabolism and regulation of cell proliferation. Cancer cells also have more cholesterol-type compounds in their membranes than normal cells, thus as saponins can bind cholesterol and they may interfere with cell growth and division of cancer cells.

we need list with saponines from plants
some body pm me and i add that information for the people

Gentiopicrin - anaesthetic
Gencianin - sedative

---Silene Capensis: The African Dream Herb
---Entada rheedii
---Gentiana lutea L.
---Ziziphus jujube (seeds) - sedative and hypnotic effects of flavonoids, saponins, and polysaccharides
There are literally thousands of saponins. Gynostemma pentaphyllum, alone, has over a hundred and very few saponins have been characterized for their effects in humans.
What would be the purpose of a very large incomplete list?

...Not all saponins are bitter, beans and bananas are loaded with saponins.
If you have any interesting information to share here we'd be delighted to hear. Such as your suggestion of psychoactive saponins. Which plants and what kind of psychoactive properties?
I've been thinking about it and despite reading about drugs for 25 years (its my silver drug anniversary! :lol: ) I cant think of a single psychoactive saponin or saponin aglycone.
The closest would be the oneirogenic crude saponin fraction of Silene capensis but we dont know if the active dream enhancing constituents are the saponins or are just soluble in the saponin froth.
Auxin - quite. It's a first for me too and I started reading on the subject of psychoactive plants in about 1990.

These Russians do know a thing or two, however.
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