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Sasha Shulgin signed labware for sale

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Loveall said:
Waaaay above my price range but would be cool to have...

Haha yup, I was telling Snozz about this in chat. Kind've funny how expensive it is, despite who's it was.

Would be pretty cool to have though nonetheless. Cheers :d
JuremaSpaceship said:
Somebody should buy it and turn it into a bong haha

Carl Brutananadilewski said:
This dude back where I worked at the, uh, Styrofoam peanut factory, like he converted the toilet into like a bong, and you just sort of put your face over the seat. It was pretty badass. I went in there, someone had used a Number Two, so I fish it out, load it up. Gotta do something to get through that shift. Later on, when I became an adult, I was thinkin', you know, "That's gross," but, man that bathroom was so awesome in high school.

Kjeldahl digestion setups are rather expensive and are an antiquated means of determining nitrogen content in organic substances, especially so given that many functional groups/rings containing nitrogen (e.g. indoles, pyridine rings, nitro/azo groups, etc.) aren't detected in typical Kjeldahl digestions.

Although the flask looks pretty, I'd sure as hell not buy it. It's easy to forge signatures/prescriptions, and this could easily be a scam (not to mention that chemists typically include the date when they sign things related to research (e.g. lab notebooks). I have yet to see an organic chemist sign a Kjeldahl flask, especially so given the likelihood of it being erased during a standard Kjeldahl digestion, or of the potential for tainting the results of the digestion due to potential side-reactions. I would advise against buying this overpriced piece of labware with a (most likely) forged signature on it.

I'd much rather pay $13.5 K for his collection of psychoactive substances, some cuttings from his cacti collection, his reflux condenser, spectrometers (NMR, UV-vis, IR, etc.) and an all-expenses paid trip to Berkley to tour his estate & a chance to spend a day or two talking with Anne and his (still living) close friends and test subjects about their experiences and relations with the man who inspired me to pursue a B.S. in chemistry and perished on my birthday.
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