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Scared to take that extra hit and breakthrough...any advice?

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My technique is to have zero intention and think about it as little as possible ahead of time. Just load, exhale, heat, and go. I don't even plan it for a certain day, but rather do it when I feel compelled to do it, or I have an idea I want to test, or a friend wants to try it. Kinda like jumping into a cold pool, just get it over with.

I do all my thinking afterwards. I think it helps big time to avoid preflight anxiety.
You got that right...you called it....i over think things offten...i just don't want to shit my pants throw up or die and with no experience its tough to just keep on smoking after a few hits and you're already feeling it coming on strong......i guess I'll just keep hitting it ..until I pass out lol
I'll try again tomorrow....i keep at Least an hour between uses to avoid tolerance issues..thanks for reply!
I know 100% how you feeling bro :)

The first time i tried it, it was very overwhelming like my third eye opening was intense. I saw amazing colours, patterns but no breakthrough. I did see the rainbow bridge or tunnel but didn't dare go further. Since then i have done it a few more times. I now have no fear of taking it.
When you get the colours as in closing your eyes and see all the patterns etc, take another hit. That will give you a breakthrough. If you can physically pick up the pipe/bong or whatever and smoke from it you are safe so don't worry about not coming back, dying etc. Honestly honestly nothing to worry about there.
You will love the feeling and just by being on the otherside you will feel more Euphoria than you have ever felt before.

My last session I merged consciousness with 'God' :)
The fear (make a search on "pre flight anxiety" and find a boatload of related topics) is ungrounded but it can strike you nonetheless, even if you mantra no-fear it can still take you.

How about this: lets have a better look at me being shitless scared and lets call this a very interesting state of being, racing heart and sweaty hands included. Just the opposite of not wanting to have it. I invite some adrenaline to be formed in my body and I take use and advantage of the opportunity that presents itself here and now (just before the take off).

https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn23440-stress-has-unexpected-health-benefits-sometimes/#.UdyzY79zbmI said:
... while chronic stress can have knock-on effects that damage cellular structures, short bursts of stress can reduce such damage and protect our health in some circumstances...
...“It’s like weightlifting, where we build muscles over time,” says Aschbacher. As long as there is time to recover in between, short bursts of psychological stress “might allow us to become stronger”....
If you are a pathologic-level chronic stress sufferer you might consider a less stressful ROA than vaping. The paper said that chronic stressers should avoid an extra stress burst on top of it, because in this case there is a lack of periods without stress to "recover".

As a non chronic stresser, why should I avoid? I reckon the body knows exactly what it needs way better than my simple thoughts and wishes, just let it do it's thing and trust it.
...When the body feels stress, it releases various hormones such as adrenaline that can have important brain health benefits. Just as a cup of coffee can give you a temporary boost of energy, adrenaline increases alertness and awareness and can improve memory and cognitive functioning, "making you sharper during the period of stress," says Teitelbaum...
On occasions when the fear/stress hits me hard I do not inhale. I make a study case of my situation, to monitor myself in this state and try to remain in it on purpose, challenge it, call it out. I try to be in it as long as possible and lo and behold it cannot stay at that level, it runs out of its own fuel. When the heart rate drops finally to 1/4 of its max (that can take a while if so), then I take the pipe with a smile on the face.

In a way I don't "deal" with the pre flight anxiety but create a fitting purpose for it and integrate it into the whole. I think it is psychologically an advantage to consider each part as functional even when I don't understand it or feels ehh "odd".

There is a silver lining to the pre flight anxiety :thumb_up:
(but not for pathologic chronic stressers it seems)


PS: GVG or alikes, all in 1 hit, it's easier on you!

There is that saying: "The only time without stress is the first time."
Not 100% true but it's telling. Occasions without a glitch of stress do happen.
Ola JamesGang

Looks like your new here to, well welcome to DMT-Nexus!

I can relate exactly to where you were when you wrote this I was the very same way. I started out slow like you, and nightly ventured with it till I 'felt' I was ready to move forward without thinking it through. I can say, I had all those same thoughts as you when I first hit it, the first few nights. Every level up became easier, and I felt more sure. I was also alone and with no guidance. I didn't even have a scale, I just loaded it up, and went from there. Very incredible! It seems I found a place I can go back to repeatedly which is amazing :)

Don't think about it, just relax, you will know when it times to take that final hit.

- Rainner

PS: nice little bag of Spice there! 😉
JamesGang said:
...my friends are too much of a p*ssy to even try it...

You are kind of set yourself here. :twisted:

So... go and try it.. don't be such a p*ssy! LMAO! :lol:

I'm just playing around! :p

You may wonder after you take that hit why you were so worried to begin with. Feels good to face fears anyhow. Just go for it... trust yourself and the whole process of a breakthrough dose. You have received some really great advice so far. I really have nothing more to add.

Good luck in your psychedelic adventures!
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