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Come what may
Facing the fear we experience when ingesting psychedelics, namely DMT, can be terrifying and confusing. The fear can build up so much as to make you want to scream out for mercy. Fear can create a fight or flight response and feel so real that we can bring it into our normal state of consciousness, creating discord within ourselves.

I wanted to explore this and go into this fear. I often have chimed in on the nexus when someone has expressed fear, I feel this is due to facing my own fears. I would like to offer my own approach to this in hopes that it may help someone else face their fears and come away from a difficult experience with something more than a nightmare. The experience of fear can very much act as a catalyst for great positive change. I feel that fear must be faced head on. To go to the places that scare us requires courage. The battle is real and so is the transformation.

Now for a couple quotes regarding fear to set the tone. Here are a few to start.

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” ~ Frank Herbert, Dune

Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom. ~Bertrand Russell

Fears are educated into us, and can, if we wish, be educated out. ~Karl Augustus Menninger

Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will. ~James Stephens

Fear is only as deep as the mind allows. ~Japanese Proverb

If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment. ~Marcus Aurelius

Sciamachy is defined as an act or instance of fighting a shadow or imaginary enemy. Plato's allegory of the cave is a great example of this. The occupants of the cave refuse to believe the shadows are not reality. Had they faced the fear, they would have experienced a far greater and positive reality. Yes the sun will hurt the eyes at first, but the eyes adjust. If you depart the cave, see the sun and the moon and a reality far greater than shadows cast on the wall, you will never return to the cave. You would fight, tooth and nail to never return.

So how to escape the cave? How can you allow your eyes to adjust to a new world? It is as simple as facing the fears in your mind and allowing a new reality to present itself. Venture out past the shadows with courage and curiosity. There is something more if you seek it. The decision to face fear can be very difficult. Go at your own pace and allow your eyes to adjust to a new way of thinking and being. I promise that when your acclimate to this new reality past the shadows and fears you will be transformed and never want to return to your former prisoned state.

How does this translate into the DMT fears? I feel that the fears we experience in hyperspace are a reflection of the fears we have in this reality. They go hand and hand. Are you afraid of death? Then letting go of the ego can be terrifying. It will create scenarios and throw up walls of deception enable to remain in the cave of shadows. It will do everything it can to protect it's existence. It wants you to believe in the shadows and the fears it creates. All that the ego presents is illusion. The mind is wrong and manipulative when it is facing it's annihilation . The heart begins to pound right before taking the first toke. The mind knows what is coming and creates this fear. It is not real, but it feels like it. The mind makes it real. It is very good at convincing us that this experience will hurt us.

Are you afraid of never seeing your loved ones again? Is this not an attachment? If you are afraid to lose something you will grip at it and in doing so will crush the thing you are trying to keep. Letting go of something does not mean that you do not love it. Letting go of life, letting go of the ones you love, letting go of all attachment is not something to fear. It is a requirement of leaving the cave. It is a requirement to experience a new reality. A new line of thinking is on the other side of letting go.

How do we let go? How to face this? Courage! Curiosity! A strong will to be and think in a new way! I call this the warriors spirit. Charge towards the fear and conquer that which holds you back. Do this now, in this reality, before you embark on a psychedelic journey. Look deep within yourself and take a deep look at that which you fear. Take a deep look at your fear of death. Really go into it and try and let it go before you ingest a psychedelic.

I recommend mediation for this. Sit and observe the fears you have in your mind. When you are sitting quietly and the fears pass through your mind, how does your body feel? What kind of emotions come up? Do you feel like crying? Do you feel like screaming out in anger? What comes up for you? Go into this in depth. Take a magnifying glass to it. Observe it and it will dissolve as your eyes adjust. The work of observing fear starts in the here and now. Can you let go now? Or do you have more work to do?

Being ready to die at any moment is a common theme in Shamanism. It is a common theme amongst warriors. Being ready to die does not mean that you want to die. It means that you are living and see the beauty of life. You do not cling to it. Try squeezing sand, the grains will fall through your fingers the more pressure you apply. Life is very much like this. We squeeze and attempt to hold the sands of our life.

So here we go. We are sitting with our apparatus in hand loaded with DMT. The heart begins to pound. The anticipation of it all can feel overwhelming. Thoughts start to pop in our head. The mind begins to create fear barriers. It knows what is coming. This is just the beginning. The first fear we push past is bringing the pipe to our lips and taking that first toke. The change is almost immediate. The body load and change of reality is very quick and the mind will fight even more if we do not act with conviction by taking the second or third toke, creating a sub-threshold experience which can be uncomfortable. Are we going all the way or do we stop? It can be hard to push past the fear at first. Once we do at this stage it will be largely out of our control. This is the first stage of letting go.

We have now pushed past the fear and have ingested enough to be propelled into hyperspace. Now what comes up for you. Did the fear disappear or are you still grasping to return to your body? Remember this when you come back. I have had both responses. I have laughed and wondered why I was so worried afterward, I have also struggled and wanted the experience to end as soon as it started. The former is when I was able to let go. The latter was when I was clinging to my fears.

Now the experience. Let's go into the difficult experience. We see terrible things, we have emotions that can feel overwhelming, we are in a hellish hyperslap. It happens. You can prepare set and setting and go into a DMT journey very positive and still end up in this. You do not have a choice in this. You are rolling the dice each and every time. The key is to observe without attaching to the experience. Allowing it to play out and maintain an attitude of curiosity and take responsibility for making the choice of making the journey into hyperspace.

I feel that these difficult experiences can be transformative more so than the positive ones. When it is difficult is when you can learn the most. You must pay attention, observe, and do your best not to buy into the side shows. Your difficult experience can change at any moment or continue all the way until you are back into your body again. Your attitude about this is paramount. Take a step back from it once it is over and integrate. Think about it in depth and look for lessons in the story that played out. How does this difficult fearful experience translate into your normal state of consciousness? Is there any correlation between the fears you experienced in hyperspace and the fears you have in your life in this reality?

Now the positive. You let go! There is no fear! You see wondrous scenes, experience love and gratitude, unity and connectedness in a way you never thought possible. You come back with a deeper understanding of life. You were pushed into a boundary dissolving reality in which you no longer had attachment, no longer had concerns of the mind, no longer had fear. So what happened here? How did you let go? How did you feel during this process? Do your best to translate this into your life. Try and live this way daily and your fears will dissolve more and more and you can live outside the cave. There are no shadows here. The illusion are gone. What remains is you! The true you!

I could talk about this more. I could go on for hours I am sure. I would like to end this here and allow a conversation to take place. Let's talk about it in depth. Let's look at it.

I could not add this to the new member area. I would like to hear new member contributions on this topic. If a new member would like to chime in, please create a thread in response and a discussion can take place in the new member area as well.

Thank you for any contributions to this thread!

Have a great day everyone!
For me the best way to deal with fear is being rational. That consists of two things.

First, I know that when I am ready to take the bong but put it aside due to fear I will regret it for a long time afterwards and feel miserable. What a waste of time!

Second, just don’t think too much before taking the tokes. I use to think a lot but I am handling this better by the day.

By the way, that Japanese proverb is a good one :).
strtman said:
For me the best way to deal with fear is being rational. That consists of two things.

First, I know that when I am ready to take the bong but put it aside due to fear I will regret it for a long time afterwards and feel miserable. What a waste of time!

Second, just don’t think too much before taking the tokes. I use to think a lot but I am handling this better by the day.

By the way, that Japanese proverb is a good one :).

Rationality is the ego measuring the experience. Logic will convince us not to take up the bong and yes, regret. I have done the same thing a time or two. I have also just picked up the bong or GVG and ripped right into it without a second thought. The mind doesnt have time to rationalize it or play the tricks it does. Great way to partake for sure! Spontaneity is a spice of life!
I suppose this topic has been played out many times on the nexus. It was just on my mind lately. Compulsory post I suppose. lol
Indeed I think this has been discussed many times before, but it should always be brought up again in a new form, so we can better understand it. So thank you for the eloquent elaboration on it.

I have not had an easy time letting go and just observing the DMT flash lately, at all. Had my first mescaline experience yesterday, and one central thought/theme during that, resonated a lot with what you said here: "Charge towards the fear and conquer that which holds you back. Do this now, in this reality, before you embark on a psychedelic journey."

Things are pretty hectic and uncertain in life right now. I think I will let the Spice rest for at least a few months, maybe half a year, or longer. Until I am more ready, and stabilized in life. I won't ever be completely ready for a full DMT experience, never have, but I can for sure be more ready than I am now.
I think that is a very sound choice. Allowing time to pass and life to stabilize is a very good thing. Sometimes pushing into it too early and it can cloud everything very quickly.

I guess being ready is what I was getting at here with this thread. That fear when you even think about going. Getting past that fear and finally making a decision to visit hyperspace. Funny how it kind of pushes you away, or do we push away from it? Then one day, the pull comes in, calling us back for another visit. Something in us gathers the courage to go on the journey.

I have pushed into the pull and pulled into the push. Dissolving my own fears and boundaries as much as I can. I have decided to go on a DMT journey when I was most afraid. When I have done this I found that I was strong in my decision. The fear was pushed aside and that gave me something very special. Something tangible to hold onto. Every time I push past this fear I feel stronger. I feel proud of myself for doing it. A certain badge of honor that only I can see and hold onto.

This approach is not something I recommend for everyone. It works for me. I look at the whole experience as a practice of dying. Learning to die, enable to learn to live. I take these lessons, visions and the fear very seriously.

I was hoping that some information here would help someone else see that we all struggle with the fears and offer a perspective that was uniquely my own. I hope others may chime in on this even if this type of discussion has taken place here before. As I stated, it has been on my mind lately. The push and pull of it all don't matter to me anymore. I go when I feel pushed and stay away when I feel pulled. I guess I am engaging in this weird experience on my own terms as much as I can.
I think I had a similar motivation for blasting off the past month or two. I didn't feel any pull, longing or need for it. The fact that I was anxious and a little afraid of blasting off, even just thinking about it days in advance, or just thinking of a hypothetical blastoff, I regarded as there being something internal I haven't dealt with. That at some level, there is something I just can't accept.

Most of the journeys recently have been chaotic/"negative" (I hesitate to call them negative, because I am sure the same journey could have been experienced as at least neutral if I was able to accept more (though then it wouldn't really be the same journey, would it?)). Thinking about this while on mescaline, I realized that my only motivation lately (for DMT) might have been a sort of self-challenging arrogance. I haven't had any real intention, question or seeking behavior going into the experience, and just wanted to prove to myself that I can handle this.

There probably still is some afterglow from the mescaline, but right now I don't feel too anxious thinking about DMT. Simultaneously, it feels right to just let it sit in peace in its bag for now.

Maybe I am not ready to do it like you yet, DmnStr8. Maybe I should just wait until I feel the call again. Haven't felt it in a year or more.
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