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Screens, body weight and the amount of DMT - newcomer asks for help

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Good day, dear DMT-Nexus community.

With this thread I would like to ask for your help, because I am an absolute novice in the field of psychedelic substances. Thanks to helpful and interesting contributions + infographics from other members, I have learned and understood a lot. But I still have two questions, if it is permissible.

I recently ordered the Glass Sherlock VG Vaporizer in combination with the Hempwick Lighter and screens (10-Pack). Unfortunately I have not fully understood how exactly this works with the screens. Do they have to be used? If so, how many for a "trip" and how exactly are they placed? And does your own body weight play a big role when it comes to the amount of DMT you want to consume? I am pretty slim and do not want to take too much the first time.

I apologize for the harassment on my part and these initial questions. But I would be very happy if you could help me.

Take care of yourself and all the best.

With best regards,

From my(and few others) experience body weight isn't much of a deal.
You can start with 10-15mg and up the dosage when you fill comfortable. Correctly vaped ~30mg should be enough to "knock down" most of the people.

You may find absolutely insane people on youtube vaping 50-100mg spice for no good reason with absolutely terrible vaping devices and technique, and calling their crazy dosage and crappy devices(e.g. plastic bottle + tin foil) best methods for breakthrough. Forget about them.

No idea about your vaporizer.
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