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second breakthrough?

Migrated topic.
It seems you had a great trip! :) Congrats!

As to breath difficulties, I did suffer of it several times, too, mostly at the ending of a trip. But more often it's just fine, w/no any breath problems. I mean the SAME spice... Really don't know possible reasons... :roll: A couple of times it was hard to breath even several hours after the trip with tough and harsh feeling in lungs. Then it just came to it's normal state by the next morning. Anyway, there are no negative aftermaths, at least by far :lol:

A strange idea came into my mind: if it's not because of negative additives in spice (it was the same spice, remember?), probably, the body itself could find a proper breath regime while being in unfamiliar state of functioning, the breath was VERY low... No doubts, our breath is strong weapon for regulating and changing our states of mind, so may be, it was THE BEST possible way to breath there in accordance with experience? :roll:

During my last trip I forgot to breath because of unbelievable intense of a sacred beauty that was around me. But was not afraid because I could catch a funny speculation on getting deeper understanding of expression "you make me breathless" 😉 Then I just relaxed and let the things happen. After coming back I suffered a "harsh breath", but it didn't bother me a lot.
That happened to me last night in a slight way, the 'seized-breath', holding on to the toke, and then holding onto each of my next breaths too ! But luckily as my guide moved a bit, I relaxed it - remembering to breath easily. I found it natural to just not exhale until I 'remembered to' ... (35 mg, one toke, and it was just enough to make it through, with a very short stay.)

Another time, after the take-off of just 25 mg, I once thought that there is 'a space between the breath' which is where you have to hold it to stay in Hyperspace. As though after taking a huge toke, the normal breathing pattern (a sine wave that never stops) is interrupted, but at the top and bottom of every breath there is an instant where you might poke into hyperspace, and so you 'hang' there, not exhaling.

It's a funnily familiar thing to think/say one doesn't have to breathe in Hyperspace ..! Reminds me of the movie Abyss, where they had to re-learn to breath a liquid oxygen carrier - initially you have to overcome the fear, and force yourself to breathe the stuff, sort of like we all did in the womb.
El Ka Bong said:
... Reminds me of the movie Abyss, where they had to re-learn to breath a liquid oxygen carrier - ...

:d yeah! it was great scene there!!!

To diox8tony -

"Spice anxiety" is a common thing, even before your five hundred and sixty journey, I guess. The whole psycho-physical complex is afraid, a spice travel is something which is over-the-top for it 😉 Just trust the Spice, trust your body and yourSelf, and it's gonna be alright!
As to eyes closed\open, imho, it's just a matter of a certain trip... No need to force yourself. I recall one trip - some powerful male (don't know why, but it was strong feeling) entity was in contact with me, so he said (not in "words", of course) - open your eyes, you will see! Then I was FORCED to open my eyes, and what I saw in my room was, indeed, of great importance to me at the moment.

So, just trust the Spice and let the things go :d
I frequently get asthma attacks right after a spice voyage, more so with dirty spice than with clean spice.
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