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Second ever extraction, thought i'd post this over here as well.

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Just thought id post this here, second ever extraction. I used a filter you attach to a syringe I asked here about a week ago to filter the naptha sucked off the top into my X tray, worked a treat. the filter got clogged up at the end once I sucked up some gunk. Made from Acacia acuminata branches that had fallen on the side of the road :D

Nice result for 2nd try.

Filtering naphtha is not necessary but I also do it. I actually add some anhydrous calcium chloride to naphtha and mix to dry it (remove residual water from naphtha). Then I filter using a Buchner funnel and vacuum.
Nice work !

I'm currently on my second set of pulls from my first ever extraction attempt. My first set failed to produce crystals after precip. So i re used the solvent plus some new solvent and did a second set of pulls. That also failed to produce crystals during precip.

I'm currently letting pulls evap out of the freezer to see if i get any usable goo or anything.

Great work there on just your second attempt ✌
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