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second precip resulting in cleaner, but less crystals..

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hey folks..

SWIM has started to stick the 1 time filtered pulling solvent back in the freezer for more precip. He has noticed that the crystals from the first pull had a very slight yellowish touch to them and the crystals from the second precip were much less, but also much cleaner.. - as white as white can be. he started collecting the different products in different places.

is the yellow tainted spice safe to smoke? also SWIM has noticed clean white crystals becoming yellow tainted when remelted. could it be that only the surface of the crystals is pure white and when remelting the inner impurities get visible?

might it be good to do acolon_5's wash once then precip, dry & remelt. then chop up the remelted spice finely and do the washing procedure again? or does the yellow taint have something to do with it reacting to the heat? SWIM uses very minimal heat for remelt. he gives it just enough for the crystals to form one piece. (maybe 45C or so)
The yellow is probably a mix of oils and DMT N-Oxide. If you melted them all down it probably does have some oxide in it. I personally love melted spice and melt down most of my crystals (except the really pretty ones).

Yellow crystals give a slightly more mellow type of experience. They are quite safe to smoke and many prefer the yellow to clear or white crystals.

A wash will help a little, but recrystalization is probably going to work best for removing the oils. Try some yellow spice first though, you may like it better.

I usually don't even let my freeze preciptation crystals dry before recrystalizing them in bestine anymore.
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