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Seeing humans on DMT?

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I just wondered if this was a thing? Because for me it seems it is.

I've been transported to places, London eye for one, having conversation (amnesia always makes me forgot them annoyingly)

Just now I was in a super geometric palace and there was this lady confirming to me if this was a alternate reality.. the whole thing slowly slipped away, I could even wave goodbye to it..

Another time I transported to another room and was jumping up and down on a mattress with 3 other people.. we were all having fun but I just couldn't believe what was happening..

Doesn't sound very DMT like?

When I come back to my room, the visual are still quite strong for around 5 mins and I feel amazing, like I just travelled somewhere.. really.

Everyone seems to be affected very differently. Some of my friends have said they've seen people or that they went to the Amazon or something, but I on the other hand, have never witnessed anything remotely similar to anything on Earth. The closest thing to a person I've ever seen is a cat-like humanoid with a unicycle as legs.
I've looked in the mirror before and seem myself as a cat-like humanoid with unique elongated circles around one eye. I've never seen another human though. I've also seen my arm transform into creature like thing, complete with animal hair, and long sharp fingernails. I love DMT, visuals are amazing. Yours sound particularly interesting.
DMT traditional use (the various forms of Ayahuasca) was often intended for one to connect with the Ancestor's spirits. This is something us Westerners, cut from our roots, can't lean toward so naturally - or is something our society would thrive toward, we did create a 0 in time. Getting to the Ancestor's realm needs preparation, and intention, I would thereof tend to believe. Indigenous tribes also had ways of "mapping" the way to the Entheon worlds. I think for the uninitiated the mind wanders in a more random and exuberant manner - the extreme variation of that phenomena being people only smoking/ingesting psychedelics for entertaining values, having never dived into the numinous part of the Self.

You have to figure out for yourself who these people in the spïce world are. Ask them if you can, or lean toward that direction. Maybe find ways of translating your experience (automatic writing), that would open spontaneous pathways for interpretations and help you remember among other things (try different!).

That's what I would do anyway ... good luck to you!
I have flown over a vast forest to a lake at the foot of a mountain. The lake had large Chinese style houses with dragons on the roof and vast verandas that i felw around and through. This experience was closed eyes alone in quiet under a good few mushrooms. It was very clear and clean cut. But still built from hyperspace material. :p
Truly amazing the places you can travel behind your eyelids
I have seen faces and human form many times but with no interaction
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