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Seeing spirits and demons 6 months after smoking a DMT

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So about 2 years ago I smoked a bunch of DMT. About 6 months after quitting the DMT I started seeing spirits and demons all the time and everywhere I went. They looked like the color of fumes off of gasoline and there were many types and behaviors. Someone told me that they thought me seeing these entities was the result of the DMT that I smoked. I also found an article somewhere on the internet that doing DMT and Ayahuasca opened doors for these entities to enter. Had anyone else experienced seeing these entities, heard of or know someone who has seen them as a result of this drug?
I dont really know if spirits are real or unreal im not sure but please let check you for schizophrenia things like this can happen from psychodelics
Hello Fenix,

Are those things you see present all the time, or have you noticed something triggering their appearance?

Also, what vibe do you get from them - do they feel malignant to you, or the opposite? Or maybe indifferent towards your presence?

Has anyone in your family tree ever suffered from some sort of mental abnormality, like schizophrenia, psychosis or something of the sort?

I doubt the DMT is causing what you're seeing. It's more likely that is has triggered something else that is the reason for what you're seeing.
* Get sleep, not just sleep. But real sleep for at least 3 days. (9 hours a day)
* No more self medicating. Take a month off. Nothing.
* Eat well, try to get up to 4-5 colors each meal.
* Water only for a few days 8 - 8 oz glasses.
* If you have these experiences, after you need to take off your shoes, put your feet on the ground so you can feel it. State your name, where you are. That you are ok and your next 2 tasks.
* No more psychedelics, possibly ever.
* Its ok to appease your inner fear and ask for blessings from someone of a religious belief you feel ok with. Some people this is a priest, others this is burning sage with intention. This may have a Jungian synchronistic effect on your subconscious.
* Your mental health is all you really have.. nothing else is as important. Sentience and understanding are paramount. Unfortunately you need to put this "healing time" ahead of any other tasks.
-- Mental health is supported by physical health in many ways.

I am extremely Catholic. Look up Santo Daime, the Christian CHurch who uses Aya as it's sacrament. My Chapibo sees 10-15 nuns a year on average in Peru. So far nothing has shown itself to be evil, quite the opposite.

Personal Facts (for me - just a point about the "evil" questions). As this is dependent on the person, but seeking and talking with others. I have seen no evidence of this.

HPPD is way more common with RC's and LSD than DMT. If you can see a psychiatrist, that is where this has to go if it continues. The down side? Many Psychiatrists are so overwhelmed with patients that the psychedelic "problems" may not be something they studied extensively.

If this is real and scary, feel free to continue here. We have a few people in this community who have either "gotten the message and hung up the phone" or were somehow damaged by psychedelics so they now stay away. Maybe one of them will jump in and talk about how therapy etc has helped.

Peace brother, rest your weary head, it sounds like you are pushing yourself too hard.
Nydex said:
Metashaman, I don't mean to be offensive, but you might want to take a look at THIS before giving some more advice to him.

Step 1. Get emotionally and physically healthy, you may have to stop all external inputs. If that doesn't work, go see a counselor.

The religious information was more to point out that... there is no innate "evil" behind any of this.

Back to the beach :) <3 thanks Nydex. I read that entire piece again and we must interpret something differently, but will leave it at that. ;) Maybe it was "stop the self-medicating"? That is specific to "taking things" not given to you by a doctor.
Icyseeker said:
Probably just seeing what was already there.
Not helpful. OP has a serious issue that may sound funny to you, but could be an indicator of a chronic condition.

If one is "seeing demons" that generally can be considered a pretty good indicator of burgeoning schizophrenia.

Some questions...
How old is the OP?
Has OP ever had hallucinatory experiences prior to the use of psychedelics?
What is OPs historyof drug use?
What prescriptions does OP currently take?
Does OP take any supplements?
The answers to these may give some hints to OPs possible course of action.

Any course of action should include a visit to a trusted professional in the metal health field and a complete cessation of psychoactives that are not prescribed.
I don't see them anymore because I am on medication.. but when I did see them (someone asked) yes I did see them all the time, and the vibes I caught were bad as they would come up and grab me, They would fly down my throat making me choke. And would come up and enter my body,.. they would stick to my skin and back.

I haven't seen them in over 3 months. Is it safe for me to try DMT again.?
Fenix said:

... Is it safe for me to try DMT again.?

No it's really not. It would be both dangerous and stupid for you to use DMT. Nobody here will (or should) tell you otherwise. Your prescription regimen alone would provably negate any experience anyway. Are you on an anti psychotic to deal with hallucinations? And you want to know if someone here will give you the green light to smoke more?:!:

These are not healthy ideas that you have. Regardless of your position on spiritual matters or superstition, perceiving demons to fly down one's throat or to stick to their skin is not...normal or rational. It is hallucination pure and simple

The only question you shouldhave now is why..

Please for your personal health and safety and for the safety of around you and your loved ones please stop messing with psychedelics. Not being able to do them does not mean that you are in any way deficient, nor are you "missing out", but it does sound like you have a contraindication for psychedelic use.

I do not want to denigrate your spirituality but there is no way that what you are or were perceiving has anything to do with reality. You were experiencing hallucinations by your own account without any drugs being containe consumed. Why you would want to risk your sanity with drugs is beyond my comprehension.
My personal belief is that they are real. If you would have experienced it you might feel the same. Its not that I was hallucinating random things. They were spirits and only spirits.

I know it sounds crazy but the whole experience changed my outlook on life and what i thought was possible.
Also, the medication I take is olanzapine or zyprexa. Will this prevent me from getting anything out of the DMT?
Could I also get more opinions on whether or not its safe for me to do DMT and the risks if there are any.
No its not safe for you to take dmt your because of the medication and its not safe for you to take it whitout your medication because you start seeing things
Fenix said:
Could I also get more opinions on whether or not its safe for me to do DMT and the risks if there are any.

Here’s my opinion for what it’s worth. If I were you I would not take any mind altering substance until all of these conditions were met for myself:

1). Doctor takes me off the meds
2). I no longer see hallucinations ever
3). My average mental wellbeing is in the normal/good range and I can honestly say I’m not depressed.

Once I got to this point again I would still be very cautious with anything so I’m not saying dive in but at least give it all a rest, reset, get to baseline, and then make a decision like that.

What are the risks? Well I don’t know you could get to a point where no meds make the hallucinations stop or much worse (lucky for you they are working that’s fantastic). You’re really playing with fire with your brain, not worth it in the long run. The risks aren’t worth it for me I cant justify it for myself.

Again that’s just what I’d do... I would also try to find out what and why this is all happening. Whether or not it’s from any substance use or not or some external source it’s good to answer those questions. Be honest with your Dr too, they cant help if you hide stuff. Just my limited perspective, hope it helps.
Fenix said:
My personal belief is that they are real. If you would have experienced it you might feel the same. Its not that I was hallucinating random things. They were spirits and only spirits.

I know it sounds crazy but the whole experience changed my outlook on life and what i thought was possible.

Please read my signature first (bellow...)

So, please realize that there is nothing like REAL as we supposed to be the old times. Now some of us know/realize/experience that reality is not "fixed" or "simple matirialistic" as it is pretending to most people. In fact everything (what we see, hear, feel, ...) is projected to us like a game or movie. And therefore there are no limits of what can be projected to us and what we are experiencing. It is only constrained by some inner rules, which are applied most of the times, but not always.

With this knowledge, we simply are not distinguishing "the real" and "unreal" or "possible" and "impossible" anymore. We are just distinguishing whether something happened or not and how likely it is to happen.
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