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Selected personal works

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Thanks to Uncle Knucles for the member access. :d I figured I'd take that privilege and share some more of my artwork. Most of which has been inspired by the influence of cannabis, mushrooms and LSD.

I have so many illustrations and digital works not shared anywhere. I don't want to dump everything on the forum all at once but I'll share what I think might be up the dmt-nexus alley.

Before I post, let me say you guys have some talented individuals around here! I'm honored to share.

I'm going to start with digital stuff. The formats going to go -

Link to High Res upload for viewing detail
Embedded Image for viewing on this page

Off we go...

The Bard

Maritime Merchant

Ground Level

Ladies Night



Robo Rodent

Mind Your Manners


Maybe that's enough to start... I'll post some ink/paper illustrations next.
First thing i thought was "That guy likes to take LSD a lot" :)
Probably just the color scheme though...

It'S interesting to see how you are able to combine lysergic influences with the mushroom aesthetic.

Last Monochrome drawings remind me of Salvia Divinorum...
@obliguhl - Thanks! I do :). I can definitely see what you mean.

@smoothmonkey - Thanks :D

@Cognitive Heart - Thank you very much!

@uncle Knucles - Thank you! I appreciate the feedback and membership. Every piece is different especially when it comes to digital work. I think that's a result of how much possibility I see in the digital process.

I will say I primarily work in Photoshop. I do work with a wacom tablet but sometimes I just use the pen tool.

Here's the BW base I made for Maritime Merchant


And the original piece from Mind Your Manners before I kept building more and more upon it.


So sometimes I start with a black and white base of shapes. Playing with negative/positive space. Other times I start right with color. I usually work from imagination. Refining, clipping, molding, altering etcetera as I go along.

Heres a video of me using the pen tool to make Robo Rodent


and a video of drawing on paper

Thank you very much Yumi!!!

I made this drawing while listening to 10000 days. I recorded with audio included so you can see how the music affects my drawing...

Especially from about the 8:45 mark

My most recent colored work. But I have been illustrating in ink a ton!


Its like dr seuss on acid I guess.
Thank you guys so much :).

Forgive me - I am often inactive online but I do not forget the places that matter to me.

Lately I am trying to imagine theism and science fiction together. This in an effort to reconcile the logical and intuitive forces of my upbringing.

Something like this:

God, in his infinite curiosity, contemplated the universe. As a direct result he contemplated the human being. The whole human being, as a concept, entailing all iterations of development. For you see, we are but one iteration of an infinite pattern. All of us embodying a new version of what could be human.

So in time, which God has unlimited capacity to hold, all versions of universe and mankind were conceived.

Now the science fiction.

In this exhibition of all possibilities new upon new versions of animal existence occur. There are a spectrum of increasing differences. And between these differences are measured mathematical modeling. Science happens.

That is - because we are a distinct iteration of experience, our reality is measurable as distinct. It is able to be modeled. To be placed within the confines of its difference from the other iteration.

This is the emergence of a scientific, logical reality birthed from a creator because he conceived all things.


Just an idea


Here are a few drawings from recent:



Why am I producing black and white ink works?

The short answer is because I love shapes in the abstract, and I feel ink on paper helps me capture them. That is, lines define the kind of space which my mind feels beyond the page.

While I draw, I feel the space I encapsulate. There is a feeling to this, I promise, and it is the inspiration to all of my drawing.

Eventually you take the feeling of outlining these abstract thoughts, and you delve into your subconscious. When this happens you make pieces with meaning. Pieces that read.

I love it when talented members show their work here! Awesome stuff. I love the BW line work, very very nice. The clean lines are very organic but remind me of liquid and metallic textures. Cool stuff man!
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