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Self Image and External World -- a perfect reflection

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I have gazed into the eyes of insanity and returne
My meditation (super stoned, dmt ride) last night has me very introspective with interesting thoughts to ponder. I don't often share snippets of my personal journal, but this feels worth sharing:

Maybe judgement day is not an event at the end of your life where you surrender to a dogmatic higher authority. Maybe you have always been that higher authority. Just maybe judgement 'day' is not an external event at all but an internal one -- one made up of every thought and perception you have ever or will ever have about yourself. Just maybe your perception of the world around you is a direct and perfect representation of your self image -- a perfect reflection internal to external. In this thought, be kind to yourself. Learn to forgive yourself. Learn to love yourself and watch the world around you reflect your internal image. When you see something in the world that you dislike, look at the internal reflection. Find the corresponding self torment and unwind it. Find forgiveness of your own imperfections and forgiveness of external imperfections must follow. The paintbrush that colors the world around you is the same one you used to paint your own portrait. Pick your paints well.
strtman said:
I have read this post several times. But unfortunately, I do not get the point.

I'm not sure how else to word it.... sometimes when discovering what feels like a spiritual truth tripping, words are hard to wrap around the experience to share with others. I think this is such a case, but the message still feels important to me.

I'll try to expand on the concept -- or maybe boil it down a bit.


Everyone's reality is based on their experiences. When thinking of one's perception of the world around them, the external world, this reality is as unique as their own finger print. During the trip I was focusing on understanding myself and my own reality when my internal view of myself and my external view of the world around me flipped inside out. I was now looking at the external view of the world knowing that it was the map/reflection of my self view and not external at all. And my internal view was now the outside world. My mind did this flip-flop a few times until the message was more clear that external and internal was a duality illusion. They are one and the same.
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