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Several Salvia questions

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I live in the U.S. where Divinorum and Salvia extracts are illegal and I had learned more about Salvia species that have been discovered to contain Salvinorin A and B.

I've always shutout the consideration for Salvia as an entheogen because of risks regarding illegality and preferred entheogens that are less risky to use in the U.S like morning glory, trichocereus, DMT containing plants, and things like that which fall into grey areas and are also largely and legitimately used for ornamental value such as how Trichocereus is popular amongst landscapers, morning glories are largely ornamental, and Psychotria and other DMT containing plants are difficult or not as necessary to schedule and prohibit and would probably be less of a priority than things like the raging opiate epidemic or the methamphetamine storm for authorities to seek to prohibit.

(Although it's still a risk if we're being skeptical no matter whether or not we're growing an acacia, a morning glory, or cactus; it can be used against anyone and as a citizen of the U.S. I will tell you it's a fairly regressive country despite its diversity and alleged prestige; whole other topic to get into!) A major concern are data brokers like Lexis Nexis “No Tech for ICE”: Data Broker LexisNexis Sued for Helping ICE Target Immigrant Communities and that major concern is that data brokers like Lexis Nexis can offer tons and tons of information about you as a consumer in the U.S. ... Lexis Nexis is essentially a one stop shop for consumer data and is largely used by law enforcement and authorities like ICE as a means to find and deport immigrants and things like that. HUGE concern for anyone growing entheogens in my opinion.... :thumb_dow :shock: YIKES!

I'm always interested in entheogens that are safe or legal that also don't test positive or have a short detection period for drug testing (i.e. single use cannabis, mescaline, psylocybin, etcetera). I'm not really that fanatical about entheogens enough to want to endanger my ability to function such as risking losing employment or going to prison and having that permanently affect my life.

With that said, I'm interested in trying to learn more about Salvinorin containing sages.

I take it that there's probably a lot more depth to what I can learn so I have a few questions listed and I'll sort of ramble off topic somewhat because it's gotten me a lot more curious and interested than before when I was interested in Divinorum but couldn't access it thanks to youtube videos of people recklessly abusing Salvia Divinorum and falling out of a window or something really dumb like that...

I know the title here and scope for Q/A is largely if Salvia species like Cryptantha/absconditiflora, Glutinosa, Recognita, potentillifolia, Etcetera; are legal and where people from the U.S. can source seeds/cuttings; but I have loads of questions ontop of a suggestion that we start doing TLC/substance analysis with Salvia species just like we have with other collaborative research projects with Acacia, Trichocereus, and Psychotria species.

I know that downwardsfromzero and loveall have shown interest in this topic and that many, many other members here would like to experiment as well...

1) Where to source S. Cryptantha/absconditiflora, Glutinosa, Recognita, potentillifolia, Etcetera? Where to source Arenaria serpyllifolia, Thapsia garganica and Rhamnus alaternus? Especially where do people from the U.S. manage to track down viable seeds?

2) Do people from the U.S. need to worry that they can be targeted for possession? There's a lot of concern and it's justified even though it may not be illegal yet or watched. It's still a really legitimate worry to voice and air out..

3) Can we start a TLC/Plant analysis collaborative research project on these new prospective plants for those who are interested in furthering crowd sourced information about all things Salvinorin??! :?: ;)

Also posting two links that can direct users to information regarding cyber security information for those who aren't as informed (such as myself, I'm just now starting to realize all the potential risks with cybersecurity and things like that). First is an article about how it relates to Roe Vs. Wade which is where I actually began becoming more aware and concerned and the second is to

Both links relate to reproductive rights in the U.S. but likewise it could relate to people growing and personally using entheogens and the tips on staying secure online are always going to help to protect your privacy.

<3 much respect to everyone around the world and their right to have whatever agency for themselves

Didn't know about LexisNexis. Very sketchy stuff. Good to know--they are a good focus point for legal activism for sure.

I fully support your suggestion for a Salvinorin A/B-containing species research project. I totally share your fascination with this topic and I'll be watching this thread for developments. You raise some very pertinent questions and I respect you for asking them directly.

Salvia divinorum is undoubtedly powerful, but it grows only in a relatively extremely small area on Earth (wildly, that is). It would be great to learn about some more local and widespread plants that have similar properties, to both explore this domain and empower ourselves.

I personally don't worry about getting busted for Salvia D. *knock on wood* It is a hardly recognizeable plant and it is extremely rare for it to be tested for by law enforcement. They barely know what it is. I'd say in the vast majority of jurisdictions they would say they have "bigger fish to fry," and that would be true.

And hopefully people are chewing it more than smoking it, as that's a method far less likely to result in inner or outer freakouts, and it is also the method most congruent and respectful of indigenous methods. They know how to smoke stuff. They don't smoke Salvia. It's a conscious choice on their part. Anyway, I'll (never) get off my soapbox now (about this).

lol, thanks RS! I really want to find a supplier for sourcing seeds that ships to the U.S. and I'm considering trying to source it through the STS forum and connecting with people who have had access to it. I originally read about these newly discovered salvia species on STS.

I think they were trying to do a co-op on one of the species to provide it to the community so :thumb_up: IDK if that's still an ongoing project I don't use STS as much but should probably invest more time into it.

many of these species are cold tolerant too and can be grown in winter which has a lot of benefits. Most species are significantly less potent than Divinorum; I think recognita is about 1/4th of the potency which IMO is a good trait as a species to start with and makes it a more accessible psychedelic since it probably could be less likely to overwhelm someone

[edit: So I do believe that these species are circulating around STS so I'm going to connect with some folks and see if someone can help me out - I remember reading the thread pretty early into its discussion a long while ago when I was a lurker and I never got back to it sooooo 😁 :thumb_up: ]
S. potentillifolia has the highest amount of Salvinorin B among the species analyzed in that study.

S. verticillata was found to have a higher amount of Salvinorin A and as it seems to have made a place as a garden plant, finding seeds should not be too difficult. My experience with this species confirms the presence of Salvinorin A .
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