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sharing some indigenous art

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these are some of my ex girlfriends art work she gifted me. A feather for my gradguation, she fixed my necklace, a beaded decoration for my keys, and a Native american medicine jar for peyote. and even witnessed a deer from five feet away.


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she also gave me four peyotes. 2 of em are 13 ribbed yotes that the Navajo medicine man puts on a alter and calls it the chief peyote.
Beautiful images, thanks for sharing. Particularly that close deer encounter. It sounds as though you've been humbled by these recent experiences. May you move forward through the darkness and into the light.
thank you. i have been working patiently and diligently and try to always remember who i am and be myself at all times. i just wish that things wohld have ended up differently between me and her.
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