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SHE and Earthly Destinations


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In D Love's report on the SHE portal site he made the following statement:

"I hear her voice again: "There is NOTHING you have created on your planet that matches anything you'll encounter here.""

I think this statement has a lot of validity to it. Here is my take on it:

In the early stages of the first SHE event planning I questioned why we would choose an earthly (or intra-dimensional) location to try and meet. I ask the question; When in hyperspace, has ANYONE ever been to any place that even remotely resembles this earth or the dimensions that we live within in our daily lives? If the answer to this question is "No" (and I'm assuming it is) then why would we even bother to focus on an earthly location? IMHO I think we should remove this element from the SHE. I don't think we can control WHERE in hyperspace we are going to travel, and it adds unnecessary complexity. We should simplify the criteria to just the "hyper phrase" and maybe keep the glyph option as well (although accurately projecting a two or three dimensional glyph in extra-dimensional space is likely going to result in something much different looking when perceived by another traveler in hyperspace).

I'd love to hear others thoughts / opinions on this subject.

Enlightening travels,
I think when you are on DMT, you are hallucinating, not traveling into another dimension. So therefore in order to "meet up" with another person would be to control perfectly how your mind absorbs a molecule into its receptors and then hallucinating that person. So yes, if you were to focus on a certain thing, I mean repetitiously imagining the same thing over and over, without a change of body or mind, meditating if you will, you would be able to "travel" or hallucinate whatever you were imagining. Kind of like when you do lots of repetitious things before you go to sleep, then having a hard time falling asleep because all you can think about is that task over and over.

Also there are many visualizations on the computer that mimic my DMT visual experiences fairly well. Although bound to by simple algorithms, they still are mind blowing. I don't think your brain is fair in telling you that we haven't created anything as amazing as your DMT-land.

I don't mean to mean to tread on anyones beliefs or anything, but I do have my own.
I just don't think a hallucination is another dimension. There is no proof. And until there is.. its just a theory.
Its kind of like saying that a video game is really happening in another dimension because I can see it and interact with it. Of course we can prove this to be false, which we cannot with hallucinations.. the thing is, we do not fully understand how the human brain truly works yet.

I am a firm believer that this SHE is a ridiculous pre-scientific tribal hippie theory..
Smoke your DMT, enjoy the trip.. and come back to reality!

Sorry if I offended anyone.
Some would say that reality is just the brain's interpretation of sensory input. So by changing the way that brain brain interprets its input, you are therefore changing reality. But I actually agree with your point of view xx13w7xx. I just wanted to bring up the arguement that reality is relative.
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