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[SHE] August 11th. Main theme: cactus

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Hi people,

Several people thought it would be a nice idea to have a SHE with an entheogen theme in it. So on August the 11th, a SHE will be held where the main entheogen theme will be: Cactus!

Of course other entheogens are welcome as well, it is just that the main theme will be cactus. If possible try to attend with using cactus as your entheogen. The cactus can be any kind of mind altering cactus and even extracted cactus is part of the theme.

That day there will be a special SHE room in the chat. I hope to see you in cactus hyperspace that day.

Kind regards,

The Traveler
What a brilliant idea! I wish i could join, i will be driving the 11, i am going to a family cabin that is lost in time and staying there for a week or so.

But ill definetly be doing catus the 12 or 13!
Sounds like fun. I hope to try cactus sometime in the future. For this s.h.e. however, a few very close friends of mine will be joining me for some LSD and Changa in a very secluded cabin next to the ocean located on a remote part of the west coast of Canada. Very nice to know there will be other like minded folk round the world enjoying some mind expanding molecules.😁

Well, the stars have aligned, as it were, and it looks like I should be good for the SHE on saturday! YAY! Got my first 12" (plus I think) bridgesii Achuma from Jiimz, and am this very moment working on prepping it according to Mew's instructions. Thanks Mew! and thanks to Dreamer42 for hipping me to the SHE in such a timely manner. Looking forward to it!!

I'll be at OUTSIDE LANDS SF on some very clean sanchez, doobies and lots of good friends. Going to see MiMOsa later that evening. 😁
Sync. I'm brewing up almost a pound of t. peruvinas chips for this weekend's festivities. This will be the last S.H.E. I will be in on for a very long time. I'm looking forward to amplifying the light of the mind and heart with ya'll, it's going to be a beautiful weekend here!

Don't forget to bite a lime.
This is a very interesting concept and I can't believe I haven't noticed it before.

I'd be sad if I cut down any of my cacti right now because many are too small to cut, perhaps a long acting 2C would be a semi-suitable replacement for such a event with Mescaline. This or something else, I'm still debating and open to suggestions.

Regardless see you then, :)

friends, the time is near! BEGIN YOUR FASTING!!!!!! remember to drink a gallon of water throughout the day and avoid drugs of any kind! (Minus dmt snuffs of course :) )

see you in the stars!
Nice! I didn't even realize there was meteor shower or a SHE tonight. A couple of weeks ago I set a date to drink some caapi brew tonight w a friend! ...I think it was meant to be :) Ill be blastin off in upstate NY, shining my light w the good folks of the Nexus. Love you guys! See you soon!

mew said:
id like to suggest another date!

september first! (9/1/12), a saturday

it has been written!
Last weekend was a great SHE.

And I think we should not have too many SHE's too quickly in a row, especially not specific ones like this cactus oriented one. Too many SHE's in a row will take away the magic and turn it into just another generic theme.

Kind regards,

The Traveler
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