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She blinded me! With science!

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I encourage you, go to YouTube, Search, "She blinded me with science". Press play and then return to this post. It will ensure you all understand exactly how I feel right now.

I am probably way too happy about this but I feel like such a chemist!! Sure it may be as "Complicated as baking a cake" but lets not take away from the magic here! I never would have imagined this to be in my skill set but after this I've realized this is another thing I LOVE to do, which by that i mean taking something and extracting one specific thing from it. Be it spice, THC, essential oils or getting rid of that nasty acetaminophen/filler from the codeine your doc gives you. I dig it.

Anyway! My first extraction EVER! Decided to go with Cybs Hybrid A/B Salt tek using MHRB. This is one of 3 dishes, the other two are still in the freezer. Pulling them in a couple hours. Very impressed with the quality and the amount. I think I may be set for life lol.

I have also attached a complimentary picture of the best refrigerator magnet I've ever seen. If you opted out of the YouTube video for emotional ambiance then I think merely looking at this will convey the way my heart feels in this moment. Yes.

Love you CYB and I most certainly love everyone involved with this community. Like no other.


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