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[SHE] Mini SHE today! (2010-09-23)

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Hi all,

Today (September 23rd) it's full moon and a couple of people thought it would be a nice idea to have a mini SHE! Just a joined lift off into hyperspace together with other travelers in the style of the WAVE (you blast of at 8pm YOUR local time).

The WAVE time as already stated is 8pm. In the chat people can synchronize their liftoff and talk about results/experiences coming from this mini-SHE.

Oi! Come join us!

Kind regards,

The Traveler
The sun was rising on my way to work. The moon was still out and it looked awesome. Maybe the most perfect looking full moon I've ever seen.
gibran2 said:
The Traveler said:
Hi all,

Today (September 23rd) it's full moon and a couple of people thought it would be a nice idea to have a mini SHE! ...
It’s not just a full moon – it’s also the Autumnal Equinox!

Ah yes, so true. A real special time! Thank you for pointing this out.

Kind regards,

The Traveler
The road is well paved, as the first waves of this SHE rolled over europe. I myself focused on giving energy while everyone was traveling and it was amazing. A couple of minutes after liftoff i felt my dizzyness grow into something stronger as i focused on each participant. At the 5 minute mark, there was a sudden energy surge while i was focusing on each traveler, blasting out energy towards them with every breath. Then, i felt a tingling sensation in my stomach...it grew stronger and stronger and stronger...so strong, it felt like smoking spice minus the visuals. I got my puke bucket and was close to spitting it all out....the energy was almost brutal...but then, it melted into a calm and peaceful state....

If you don't join today, you're missing out!!
I've been looking forward to participating in a SHE for a long time, and now I can :)

Is there anything in specific I should be doing besides blasting off? I got a big bucket o love.

A friend and I are on the west coast of the US. see you at 8PM.
8pm EST came and (I) went... Small dose - 30 +20 mg electric sheep with a 2 min interval; enough for some interesting visuals and a slight thrust, but not enough to REALLY make it beyond... I am still working back up slowly after a couple of rough ones, but i couldn't resist the opportunity: a SHE on the equinox, the day before my birthday!! Yay, changa time! Well, a smallish dose, but enough to say i was in on the SHE.:?

Thanks trav, and thanks everyone who participated! And good luck and safe travels to those west of me!!

Much love to all that participated. It was a lovely and fully harmonious experience for me. I hope we were able to send out some of that love to all creatures in the universe. Raising the vibrations of the morphogenetic field.

Thank you all for existing together in this beautiful place.
My friends and I were a little late in joining on the west coast but we made it! Pretty sure we caught someones wave because the love was definitely felt.
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