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SHE with Cannabis theme, August 18th.


Energy is eternal delight
Hi! šŸ˜

I know that there are more than a handful people on here that shares my Love with the magic herb we all know as Cannabis. Therefore, I propose, that we all unite on Saturday, August 18th, to achieve greatness together. Bongs, spliffs, brownies, bowls, tinctures and vapes, all forms of travelers on the path to the realm of Cannabliss may join!

Of course, the crowd that can't access any, or simply for some other reason prefer to indugle in other things, are also welcome to ride along on the Good Vibesā„¢ wave that is the DMT-Nexus Chat in 2 weeks time.

Let's take this to the sky!


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Woohoo! a good olde fashioned pot party šŸ˜


Smoke em if ya got em! 8)
Devil Lettuce Day, this will be like everyday Nexus chat but better.

I'll bake a batch and open a jar of the harvest.

See you then, :)
Best believe I'm gonna be blazing numerous fatties tomorrow! šŸ˜ As usual lol 8) All hail the heavenly herb, damn I love that stuff!
well i wont be able to participate in the conversation but ill deffinitely be with you guys. My better half and I are hiking Bear Butte tommorrow, this is a very sacred mountain here, american indians pray there frequently and regard it as a very sacred place. The trail is lined with prayer ties of sage and tobbacco. You can feel the wise spirit of the mountain when your there. Now I usually feel the wisdom of nature no matter where im hiking, but this is different, unlike anywhere else ive ever been. Its kinda hard to explain, its almost like it has a different personality. So Ill make sure to (respectfully of course) spark a nice fatty when we reach the summit, and just sit in silence for a while listening to the sacred herb and the sacred mountain. Im not an american indian, but maybe i will leave some herb in a similar fashion to the prayer ties as an offering to the mountain.
Just reporting in, on the 18th I went to an outdoor day festival/concert thing.

I ate two pretty strong weed cookies, and hit my one hitter of dro the entire day. Needless to say, I was good'n'plenty. šŸ˜
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