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shelf life of acrb and rue seeds

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So, I found some acrb and Syrian rue seeds in a box today, im confident I acquired these late summer of 2015. Do you guys think they will still be good for extraction?

Sweet nectar. ;-}

Me, not much... Moved up north, got knocked off my motorcycle and into a mailbox, so about a year of hospitalization and physical rehabilitation....

But such is, im still alive and greatful for it, and ready to get back to doing my thing.
A lot of it depends on how old the seeds were when you got them. If you keep these things in a air tight jar they will last year's. I would start storing your plant medicines in the freezer. If it was me i would throw out the seeds and use the bark. Rue is so cheap why not get new seeds or better yet get banisteriopsis caapi :) ...
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