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Shocking Lucid Salvia Dream

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Some weird coincidences have been going on recently. First I ordered some herbs from an undisclosed website for changa. After a few days of my order not going through, I emailed them concerning the status, they said they are sorry for the delay, and they will supply me with an interesting sample of something. So I think oh, that's awesome, it's probably gonna be salvia. This thought seemed to arise out of nowhere, Im not even very interested in salvia and it has not even crossed my mind in a long time. I have smoked Salvia before, but it was years ago, 5x, and it only gave me a relaxed, stoned, heavy kind of feeling. I was shocked to receive my product with 2 grams of 10x salvia divinorum extract, the website does not even supply it, which is odd. :shock: It's like they telepathically heard my thoughts. Hours later, I go to sleep.

After some time I am dreaming. I am in a large mansion that had a 7th guest appearance (an old PC game), checkerboard floors, historic staircase, very high ceilings, large rooms, etc. Anyway I was aware of what I was doing, but I was more observant of what I was doing, not in control. I remember exhaling smoke and then thinking, "oh, that must have been salvia, why am I smoking that?" Within a few seconds I look up at the ceiling but it's a dark and stormy sky with an eye of what looked like a hurricane or some vortex. This black hole got bigger as the clouds receded and I focused on it. I somehow thought I would get sucked up through it, but I did not fear it happening. Out of nowhere a long black mechanical type robot snake arm was working its way steadily down through the tunnel that was surrounding me. As it got closer, it started going faster, then boom! Next thing I know it darted down at me grabbing me and instantly receding back into the black hole with me, although I believe this was just in my mind. I felt like I was transported somewhere but I lost consciousness and moments later I was back in the mansion stumbling around looking at walls, statues, furniture that was warped, with geometric patterns like OEV's displayed on things I looked at, something I resemble to DMT, but not quite. I felt like during the experience I was out of body almost. I'm not talking about being an observant anymore, I was lucid and this was me, but the drug gave me the sensation. After a little while I was back to baseline and back within my body and turned around to see an acquaintance I have only met once in my life. He asked me a question.

"My only concern is, is it the self that is experiencing it, or something else?"

I wanted to reply with some Buddhist concepts on the matter and how odd it is that he asked me something I was thinking about, but then I woke up.

Well, after vaguely researching salvia and its effects, which I had no information of besides the fact it is a hallucinogen, I find it shockingly similar to a salvia trip. This is all so bizarre to me. Well, there's only one way to find out, and I think I will give it a try.

By the way I had about five different dreams last night, including:
-playing with a rainbow colored snake the size of an anaconda and basketball sized black widows
-locating a crime scene in a forest full of corpses
-committing multiple murders including slitting someones throat and seeing the blood squirt all over the room

Definitely one of the weirdest and most disturbing nights I've ever experienced, I'm not even sure how to integrate this with reality. I'm actually in fear of what hyperspace might possess...
Wow! Sounds like the Salvia goddess didn't require you to smoke it to give you powerful effects. The first and only time I had a salvia breakthrough (off the 20x extract, which I won't touch again), I took the entire rip, thought nothing was going to happen, until me and my universe were enveloped in this gigantic woman's shocking, sinister, all-enveloping laugh. What happened next was perhaps, as you say, "one of the weirdest and most [disturbing days] I've ever experienced".

Are you still planning on smoking some of the extract? Funny about the mechanical arm and the black hole; one of salvia's trademarks seems to be a sense of shifting, radial, or otherwise very whacked effects on gravitational pull. Reading what you wrote just triggered a memory of what salvia was like. Yikes!
This exact thing has happened to me, and I was always tempted to make a thread about it.

I remember I ordered some HBWR at a young age, the first psychedelic my friend ever tried, and the second drug after mary jane. The night it was ordered I woke up many times throughout the night, and every time in a half asleep feeling, and I thought I had taken something the entire night. I then remembered in the morning I hadn't taken anything.

Another night I was going to get drunk with friends, but decided against it late at night, and went to bed shortly after. I fell asleep, woke up, and thought I had drank and fell asleep. I layed there, half asleep, feeling like I was kinda drunk, but not thinking much of it, and just laying there accepting I was kinda drunk and trying to sleep again. I woke up several times thinking the same thing. I woke up the next night and remembered I had decided not to drink.
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