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Show and tell "machine" style vaping bottle with a difference

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Good morning nexians,

Just a brief picture post of a new machine style vaping bottle I've made. The machine is an empty whiskey bottle I aquired over the weekend. The only main difference from the original machine is that I've drilled my breathing hole in the face of the bottle rather that the end. With the original design I found it difficult to hold the lighter flame accurately when taking multiple hits. This bottle is also pretty small meaning your vapes aren't too heavily diluted with fresh air and I find the tokes more powerful. My favourite thing about this design is that you can see the sweet white vapour forming and being pulled through which is amazing when the effects start to take hold. The 2nd / 3rd toke is spectacular visually and really improves the experience for myself anyway.

I'd love to see what your guys use for vaping.


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