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Shut Out and the Memory

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With a certain regularity I do have a shut out. For me a shut out is seeing no visuals and to remain in full consciousness. The only thing that sometimes occurs is that my brain and all limbs are getting warm or hot and feeling heavy. And when I close my eyes my vision is slightly different from the view I normally have with closed eyes. Without a doubt a result of the DMT.

In the last months I have noticed a remarkable detail. Not always, but more often than not, directly after a shut out I suddenly remember an old trip. Or to say it better, I remember details and parts of old trips that were erased from my memory. A very exciting fact. It is as if the substance during a shut out triggers something in the brain. A door to the memory is opened that was kept locked for whatever reason.

Anyone else experienced this?
I haven't experienced a shut-out, but I do find that low doses, especially, tend to bring back memories of past trips. On a recent trip I reported in the DMT Experiences forum, I passed a closet where images from past trips were stored. Over the couple of weeks following that, I was able to gradually access memories and feelings from past trips.
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