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Skunks Cacti Adventures

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Well the time has come... I've lurked in the shadows for a long while. as of recently i have been spending a lot of time scouring the threads on this forum.... mainly the DMT/Ayahusca sections and of course the Cacti section. These 3 topics have interested me greatly in the last few years. I have always been big into horticulture and growing Cacti and Succulents but just never got into the Actives.. I have always like my Psychedelic`s but I was always the odd ball of our group of friends and usually partook solo on all psychedelic journys, for the last 6 years I have drifted from the Psychedelic community, while i started a family and have been raising kids... That all changed a few years ago when i wanted to try mushrooms and well could not track any down .. Whats a guy to do with a family who is out of the scene. Well it was rather simple, grow my own sacrament of course. That one encounter learning to cultivate my own mushroom sacraments changed my recent life. and has made me a much better person all round.

After my eye opening experiance growing my own mushrooms i decided to source some L.Williamsii as it has always been a cacti i have been drawn to.. so a quick google search lead me to a vendor where i purchased my 1 few Peyote Buttons & Seed. I did intend to consume the L.Williamsii but after doing research and growing them for a year, with what i have learnt and the connection established between these plants i have realized there are better more sustainable sources of mescaline. So ive made a pact with my Buttons to to not consume them..

From this point......

The a San Pedro came into my life and before you know it Between November 2015-currant I have managed to sow over 400 seeds and currently have over 400 Trichocereus Hybrid Seedlings growing at various stages. Its been a really rewarding journey cultivating these cacti and i look forward to when i am able to make my 1st sustainable harvest.. My San Pedro will be the 1st ime able to harvest a few feet from... I feel by end of growing season i should be able to harvest 3-4 feet of 2 1/2-3 Inch thick cacti. The cuttings i received were said to be well active cuttings from trusted people. I still have a few more months to see how they progress and frankly i am not in any hurry but i am really excited at how close i have come to my goals of being able to partake in the Cacti Sacraments with plants I have grown with my own hands. I`m sure that aspect will shine through in the experience as it did with my own home grown P.Cubensis.

I`m hoping when I get to Posting some of my Hybrid Crosses members will be able to lend some feedback as to which Hybrids i should be interested in and watching as they grow for Sacramental purposes. I do know the SS02 Birdgesii would be one of the prime ones to watch. But I`ll save posting about my Hybrid Cacti until next weekend when i plan to pot up a few hundred cacti.

Anyhow this will be a Journal to document all my progress, and hopfully in time lots of information on the Hybrid Cacti. I`m also planning to to do some work with grafting, and will hopefully begin work later this fall in an indoor setting over our winter months when i have the most down time... I would also be very interested in talking to other growers currently cultivating Hybrid Cacti or feed back on Use of them for Sacraments.

Glad to be apart of the community finally and hope my projects will be of intrest to others here and that maybe people can also lean from my advancements and from my failures. I Also can not wait to see what wonderful skills and techniques I will eventually learn from the community here.

Here is where it all began.......

Here is a Brief look at how far they have come:

San Pedro:
Where it Started:
With these two cuttings:

Where I am at now:

Hybrid Cacti:
Where it all Started:
In mini Humidity Boxes

Where I am at now:

Once I have some down time in the Evenings I`ll begin to give this thread a good decent update... and I have lots to show. This is just a little tease.....

Thanks for the complements everyone. I'm working on some updated planning on doing a mass potting up this weekend if time permits.

downwardsfromzero said:
Great work, check the cactus analysis thread for ideas of where to go with your hybrids :thumb_up:
Some great info into any Analysis thread thanks for the link.

Well this evening or begin sorting through My Cacti Collection and getting everything sorted out and begin potting some of them up. We'll the sorting process went kind of slow seeing as I have many pots to sort through so this will run into tomorrow and hopefully I'll be able to begin potting up some of them. In don't have 400+ pots but I have a good 200 so I'll start tomorrow morning once again. Here's what I've got to share so far. Should be interesting to see the complete tally.

120 Huancoensis x BBG

I didn't realize how many of this one hybrid I had growing.... but I have a lot of this one to say the least.

This one pot slipped through theb1st sort.

38 BBG x T.Huancoensis

1 Kimuras Spiny Giant x Bridgesii

5 T.Pachanoi x Huancoensis

3 Cuzcoensis x SS02

Lots more to come....

7 T.Peruvianus ss01 x julls giant

3 T.Pachanoi x T.Kimura Spiny Giant

6 T.SS02 x Luther Burbank

4 T.Pachanoi x T.Huancoensis

15 T.Huancoensis x SS02

14 T.Kimura Spiny Giant x SS02

20 T.Peruvianus Serra Blue x Huancoensis

37 T.SS01 x T.Pachanoi

4 T.Peruvianus SS01 x Julls Giant

6 T.Huancoensis x T.Pachanoi

6 T.Huancoensis x SS02

2 T.SS02 x T.Peruvianus Serra Blue

3 SS02 x BBG Pachanoid

5 T.Pachanoi x T.SS02

16 unlabeled mystery pots

1 T.SS01 x T.Pachanoi

78 until Talley
Photos to come soon......
Some more of Skunks hybrid Cacti:

44 T.Cordoensis

18 Yowie x Bondi Scop

5 T.Huancoensis x SS02 Pot #1

5 T.Huancoensis x SS02 Pot #2

9 Communal pot #1
4 Huanochois x Sierra Blue
3 Huanochois x SS02
2 Kimuras Spiny Giant x SS02

5 Communal pot #2

5 Unlabeled pot #1

4 Unlabeled pots

Well this sucks big time. Come back to update my Cacti Thread and now notice photobucket has started charging for 3rs party file sharing. Now my whole thread is broken and or missing.

So what's the word on a good place to host photos for picture sharing .. can't have a thread with out photo updates



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Trichocereus Peruvianus
SS01 x Juuls Giant


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Trichocereus Kimuras Spiny Giant x SS02 'Bridgesii
(About 2 months shy of 2 years old)

I've got a few dozen seedlings of this particular hybrid cross and they all have the size factor and are very fast growers.

Growing Cacti I've learnt to avoid keeping time and focus on the bigger picture. In all honesty I did lose track of time and how long it took me to get to this point. During my lapse in time keeping I was under the assumption my 1st batch of cacti was going on 3 years old. Talking to other Cacti growers I couldn't understand why my cacti were behind other growers. Well the other day I scrolled back through my logs and looked into each cacti i have and when they were sown/sprouted etc and low and behold I was shocked my oldest cscti are still under 2 years of age. Come December 30th 2017 the 1st batch of seeds sowed will be 2 years old. I'm very impressed with a few of these specimens... my seedlings were started under T5 grow lights for their 1st 5months b4 being hardened off and grown naturally. We have a short growing season on zone 4b, but a majority of the hybrids have proven to adapt very well and handle our cool nights in the spring and fall. Twice they survived and early frost and have endured flash snowstorms as well with little to no effects noticed.

These 3 Kimuras Spiny Giant x SS02 plants range in size from 1-1 1/2 feet tall. They uavebjusr begun bulking up this spring so should be interesting to see them in the coming growing season. I've got one (pink pot) being grown under a 1000watt HPS the two Smaller Hybrids on the single picture are plants that are a year old. In another 2 months.



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Lophophora Williamsii Grafts:
These 2 grafts were made new years day. I used a 2 year old & 1 year old button for these grafts. Both these grafts took and even the bases appear to have survived so I'm hoping they will pup with time.

Trying to hone some skills for my L.Williamsii grow I'm currently doing so I can graft half my seedlings.


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Lophophora & Lophophora Williamsii

This is my winter project. I have approximately 1800 Seedlings to sow this winter. Lots of Lophophora & Lophophora Williamsii as well as different Trichocereus Cacti. Alot of these will end up grafted some sooner than later.



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