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Slightly Funny (Nearly Failed) Christmas Eve Extract

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Hey Nexus,

After taking a little break from drinking too much pharmahuasca, my roommate went out of town for the holidays last minute so I figured I would do a little snowflake project. Long story short I didn't have all the supplies I needed so I compromised a bit with the flavor injector I was gonna use for separating solvent(bad mistake). I was using Earthwalker's Tek, but I only used 40g salt, because that's all the non-iodized I had on hand.


Whole set up


Acetic acid/ACRB solution in heat bath with saline and NaOH solutions ready to go


Basic soup in heat bath


Final clean up ATB after adding NaOH

So, from the pictures you can see things are going fairly well to this point. Once I tried to do the first pull on my cleanup ATB however, the seal on the flavor injector plunger pretty much exploded, causing 100ml of DMT rich solvent to spill all over.(I do bigger pulls than most people) I look back now as I tried to soak it up and save it, only to realize that it had fallen into some dirt and possibly NaOH, it was pretty hilarious. Usual exclamations abounded. Not hilarious was the fact that my yield was only about 270mg from subsequent pulls. Still got some nice Christmas snowflake pics for you guys though. Besides its enough to smoke for a bit, I'll just be happy with it.


Look at those xtals!


Merry Christmas Everybody
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