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Small Scale Enhanced Leaf Tek Anyone?

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I have a friend who I have been trying to help get a breakthough, but he has had a lot of problems vaporizing due to the harshness of the smoke and usually coughs very hard on the first toke. I wanted to help him out by making a small batch of enhanced leaf. Does anyone have a nice tek for very small scale (2 doses, 100mg DMT on leaf) enhancement?
Yeah use that as a guide 😉 do this and you'll be fine: Ingredients ======== 5mL 99% IPA or 99% acetone 100mg DMT base 50mg passionflower (chopped to ready-to-smoke consistency) 50mg blue lotus (chopped to ready-to-smoke consistency) Process ====== 1. dissolve your 100mg of DMT in your solvent in a shotglass 2. stir thoroughly until all dmt is dissolved 3. add both your leaf types to the mix 4. if the leaf is not covered by solvent add a little more (solvent) 5. allow to evaporate completely plus an extra day or two you want that extra day so your leaf is dry and hard, even if all scent of solvent is gone you'll notice your leaf is quite moist and oily. Leaf it for a few extra days and it goes perfect 8)
wouldnt it be easier to place spice in a spoon then melt with lighter then scrape the liquiffied spice up with your leaf of choice then let dfy for about 15 min and enjoy any thoughts about this tek
the beauty of using a solvent to enhance leaf is that the solvent can penetrate the cell walls of the plant material, allowing the dmt to be literally embedded inside the leaf melting the spice and attempting to efficiently coat the plant material would prove a tedious, messy, highly-wasteful process.. in my opinion of course 8)
Hello all, A 1:1 blue lotus leaf was created...it smokes very smooth, but is a little harder to get to hyperspace with, although the most crystal clear breakthough to date was had on it..interesting. Are there any other plant materials or blends of plant materials that people have had good success with?
Well, my friend loved the lotus enhanced leaf. He brokethrough the other night and is very, very excited. He is one person I know will respect the spice. Thanks for all the help. On another note: I purchased some white lotus, which smokes even smoother than the blue lotus, but leaves me and a few others with some mild nausea..blue lotus and damania are my two choices so far for plant material.
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