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Hi guys,

Just introducing myself, found this site through a friend. Am from the States, tho I've traveled quite a bit in Eastern Europe. Can understand a few Slavik-based languages, use to know German but having not used it in 20 years have since forgotten most of it. Fairly proficient in Russian, Ukranian, a little spanish, and a few phrases in French and Polish.

I also have a fairly decent experience with Ayahuasca. Have spent more than a few months in my past perfecting my own personal brew. And from the Aya information I was able to gather online from your intro to Aya thread, I basically used the same approach, but cooked the vine and the leaves separate, so as to accurately dial in the personal dose to individual specifics. Read too much about shamans cooking for a group, and because it's one standard pot, what may be just right for one could be overwhelming for another more sensitive/smaller person. Experience-wise tho I found it much more pleasant than fungi or lysergic acid, in the sense that it's more naturally-grounding

Ended up using the chaliponga, but had to carefully dial the dosage in as the leaves were fairly potent. Tried Chacruna as well but for me personally it ended up being a bit more plant material than I liked, altho it turned out to be a good starting point and was a milder, more pleasant first experience for sure.

As far as the caapi goes, I've tried red and yellow, and eventually stuck to the red... also initially got a mis-named order of vine that ended up being a similar analog of b-caapi but without the effect, was labeled as black caapi, and looked extremely similar, turned out to be some sister vine.

In any case just joined this site to read up and share similar experiences, help where I can, and learn

Looking forward to sharing with you guys, and so far I definitely am liking the feel of the site ;) Thanks for allowing me to join a wonderfully diverse and creative community, and keep up the phenomenal work!
Welcome to the Nexus!

I haven't made any Aya in a while, but I must agree that it is a powerful teacher and well...just amazing! I'm actually more acquainted with pharmahuasca mainly because it is easier for me to get it into my gut and keep it there!


Anyway, it is nice to have you here and I hope you have a wonderful day!

-The Grateful One-
Thank you kindly for the warm welcome :roll: And ya I can certainly relate to the pharmahuasca bit as far as keeping it in your stomach goes :lol:

pharma certainly has it's benefits, but the purge can be quite a healthy experience as well

cooking it up was just more natural/practical for me at the time than extractions and lab equipment, I suppose it all boils down to user preference... towards the end I perfected the brew concentration to the point where there was no purge, but it takes a bit of practice and playing around with it to get the proportions down, as well as care and diligence when reducing the brew to that sweet spot :want:

Tho if I had the preference and access at the time I probably would have went the pharma route myself... I did, however, find that cooking the admixture and the caapi separate allows one a little more wiggle room to get JUST the right proportions for that individual sweet spot; much easier. I'm sure that same concept can just as easily be transferred to the pharma, much appreciated good sir ;)
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