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Smoked Caapi leaf - actual Changa - logic - effects

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I want to smoke some Changa:

50% DMT
50% plant material (25% Caapi, 25% Passion flower, 50% Blue Lotus)

I was wondering if I should smoke some plain Caapi leaf beforehand.

So let's say I smoke 100mg of the Changa that I bought:
Harmalas from Caapi leaf would then be: 12,5mg * 0,01 (1% harmalas) = 0,125mg
That does NOT sound like a lot! Estimated recommendation for sublingual harmalas is around 20mg.

Even if I take pure (as in no other plant material but Caapi) 50/50 Changa and let's say an average dosage is again 100mg.
Harmalas from Caapi leaf would then be = 0,5mg
Sounds a bit better, but still not like much.

So what do the experienced Changa smokers say to this?
Is 0,125mg harmalas/25% of total plant material enough?
Is 0,5mg harmalas/100% of total plant material enough?
Should I smoke some Caapi in addition to 0.125mg? In addition to 0.5mg?

Thanks so much in advance!
Smoking plain caapi leaf before changa has always potentiated it nicely for me. I'd smoke a standard bowl size of leaf before the changa. Just an added benefit to allow a bit more harmalas from the caapi leaf to hit the brain prior to smoking the changa. It's always has been a beautiful synergy for me. Caapi leaf is noticeable even just after a couple light tokes ime.

I've even just topped a bowl of changa with finely shredded caapi leaf. Very nice addition even with just that little of an amount.
Hello SamHarris,

I think the changa your talking about might not have enough harmalas in it, sure the effect will be different from smoking only dmt-crystals, but I think smoking caapi leaves before would be a better option if you want to potentiate your changa.
Smoking plain caapi leaves gives a little change to the experience, but I personnaly prefer smoking 10X caapi leaves before smoking changa ( or X5 / X7 ), the difference is nothing near to "little change".
But this is my opinion, and to be more confortable with your changa, you should try it the way it is, then ( of course after coming back to baseline again ) , retry after having smoked caapi plain leaves ( a bowl or two ). You will see by yourself the difference.
And if you want to go deeper, 10X is the way. (It is really easy to make it, a quick search on the nexus will lead you to the process)

You can also try the 10X caapi by itself, if the original leaves are potent enough, you could feel something, some people do, other don't ;)

Have a good journey.
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