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Smoked Longifolia flower buds... 48hrs light trip

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Smoked ~300mg of tiny flower buds from an Acacia longifolia var. longifolia (unconfirmed but best guess) and had a very familiar vibe almost immediately.

No OEVs and no tryptamine scent but CEVs lingered for the following two nights. What exotic alkaloids could possibly cause this?

Yet to try an extraction.


Here are a couple of shots of the suspected Longifolia.

Doubt whether an A/B naphtha extraction would be best for this. Perhaps ethanol / acetone would be more likely to yeild the exotic alkaloids.




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null24 said:
Haha Null, definitely possible but the 3D fractal visuals were pronounced psilocybin-like visions and not dreamlike.

I will repeat experiment today and see if effects are as blatant.

null24 said:
nonothing said:
Doubt whether an A/B naphtha extraction would be best for this
Umm, why?
Looking for more than nnDMT. I’m no chemist but I figure there may be something in the jungle making this unique. So I would like to try a broad spectrum extraction.

Keep us updated!

An abundance of longifolia is present at a permaculture project I collaborate with.
We currently consider them useless and use them as mulch.


An A/B naphtha extraction works fine, in fact, its one of the better routes when working with acacia phyllodes and flowers. Also, be cautious, certain strains of a.longifolia has been known to contain histamines...
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