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Smoked rue extract + p. viridis tea; first timer, questions

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Greetings everyone,

I have successfully extracted Harmaline (or is it Harmala?) via lemon juice and boiling. I've smoked it and blasted off to hyperspace afterwards, and boy does it work well. I plan to keep a log of the event, being unable to find anyone elses'; hopefully this will help others

So, I now have 113 grams of P. Viridis powder (I was unable to get the leaves, but I do have some Chaliponga leaves.. anyway, after reading this Huasca Brew (Syrian Rue & P. viridis) - Erowid Exp - 'No More, Ever Again', I figured I would start off by brewing 38 grams of p. viridis (for 2 people), using the preparation thread over @ forums.ayahuasca's simple method. And when it comes to that method, I have a few questions

4) pouring the brew into a second pot or container, filter through a cloth (eg a t-shirt) until the brew becomes is no longer muddy-colored, probably 4 or 5
times. (an excellent method for easy filtering is to duct tape a
t-shirt over an empty pot, allowing you both hands to pour the brew.
the t-shirt will become quickly clogged, so for each filter you must
use a fresh section of cloth.) If a second pot is available, you can reduce the first wash while continuing with the second two; if not, the succesive washes can be collected and reduced the next day.

So, I imagine that there will be a lot of p. viridis leaves in the shirt, correct? Am I to place these back in the pot and add more water, or do I ditch the leaves and continue working with the filtered product?
I was unable to figure this one out, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Secondly, any tips? I've of course done lots of reading around here, but any advice on what i'm about to do? I searched around and was unable to find any reports of an experience like it.

I also plan to orally take the crude harmaline next. It's nifty looking stuff; glows under a blacklight :)

peace & safe travels
From what I have heard an oral dose of harmaline/harmine etc which is enough to fully inhibit MAOI will not give much of a "trip". This is what I have heard from people who have taken 3g of Syrian Rue alone. Caapi seems to be more psychedelic than rue and a number of people drinking Aya brews will use only caapi until they are more familiar with the plant.
I imagine a smoked extract of rue would give an effect and a friend has actually gone on and smoked some spice afterwards which blasted him into the far reaches of hyperspace for something like an hour.
I think that MAO is produced in the stomach among other places so I don't know the effectiveness of smoking MAOI and drinking the spice.
Personally I think that stockings work great for filtering larger particles, using a T shirt just seems so ghetto. Dust masks work quite well for filtering finer particles if you don't have a vacuum filtration setup. Coffey filters always seem to tear and aren't very robust .
If you are boiling down your viridis leaves, boil and reduce 3 times. @ a pH between 4 - 6 I think 85 to 90% of goodness would come out on the first boil, 5 - 10% on the second and any remaining % on the third.
Fable said:
I think that MAO is produced in the stomach among other places so I don't know the effectiveness of smoking MAOI and drinking the spice.

This is true. MAOs in your stomach will destroy most of your spice if you smoke the rue and drink the light. Just brew a minimal dose of rue in with your spice admixture and then smoke your extract to put you over and maintain after drinking the spice.
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