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Smoking ABV changa, unexpected adventures

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So the other night I was doing some housecleaning, gathering my weed and other stuff that's been on the shelf a while and needs to get used up soon. I found my little baggie of changa leftovers from a successful GVG breakthrough about a year ago. I figured rather than throwing it away I'd just pack it in my regular ol spoon glass pipe and see if I can get a little body buzz from the depleted leftovers. Nothing serious, just a little nightcap for some vivid dreaming right?

WRONG. I took a nice deep hit and almost immediately heard the telltale "nnnnnnnnneeeeeeEEEEEEEEEBBBBBBBZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!" Buzzing whine of my hyperspace drive starting up. My last thoughts were "oh crap." And I just kinda laid back in my bed letting the spice do its thing. Needless to say I got a LOT more than I bargained for. It was mildly scary at first simply because it was so unexpected, but once the initial takeoff jitters subsided it became quite beautiful. Not quite a true breakthrough but far enough that I could vaguely witness some truly madcap antics going on in the Beyond. It was like watching a cosmic sitcom but with a hazy filter in front of it, like I was voyeuristically observing from behind a screen of vined plants, and the characters were aware of my visit but couldn't quite see me clearly either.

Anyways, yeah, definitely a lesson to not underestimate your already-vaped changa materials!
i tend to burn my changa since harmalas need high temp and i blieve that vaping will get you mostly dmt vapors and some of the plant you use. This however does not explain your experience. I wonder if it does not mean that it is always best to set your changa ablaze... no question then if you got it all in you or not :?
I was doubtful about vaping changa too til I saw someone on another forum (shroomery I think) who had a lot of success with their woodVG for it. My first time trying about 40mg of a 1:1 blend in my GVG definitely had me breaking through no problem at all. The after-vaped material looked really dark brown, definitely cooked but not burnt either. So I dunno what to make of it either.
Lysurgicoyote said:
Buzzing whine of my hyperspace drive starting up. My last thoughts were "oh crap."

That made me laugh pretty good! :lol: Thanks for that!

That was a great mishap to hear about. I have never done that myself but that was very easy to picture. Interesting adventure you described too.
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