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Smoking bufo in salt form?

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I was wondering if it is possible to smoke bufotenine in its salt form or if it must as a freebase. I have read people saying that in freebase it degrades very rapidly - it would be nice if I could just keep it in it's salt form.

Thanks! I hope everyone here is doing well!
You can always keep it as fumarate for example and convert to freebase before smoking. Converting is very easy, just mix with sodium carb and bit of water, let dry and pull with some alcohol or acetone and evap (onto herbs if you want).

I would NOT smoke a salt form of bufotenine. As a general guideline, freebases are for smoking. Bufotenine is already harsh enough as it is, and in general smoking salt forms can be from toxic/irritant (as is the case of fumarate salts which can form maleic anhydride) or at best less effective than freebase.
Thank you endlessness I look forward to experimenting with this unique molecule.
I cannot wait myself. Unfortunately I have yet to get a good clean product. I just evaporated the acetone and was left with a rust colored oily powder. I am currently trying to obtain some fumaric acid to use when I do the next pull. On my other thread I will keep updating as I go for anyone interested. Peace. Good luck, be sure to let me know how it goes I am very very interested.
Yea I will attempt it soon I just am not sure what route I should go. Some people are saying that they cant get the no smell tek to work. I want a very pure product.

Are you having trouble getting fumaric acid? I just ordered some yesterday. Do you need a source?
bufotenine freebase is very stable IME. I have never noticed it to degrade and never read anything to suggest it other than maybe something from 69ron.

You can smoke the salt, if you enjoy being smacked in the face by a 2x4.
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