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smoking denatonium benzoate!

Migrated topic.
u should be fine - 584 mg/kg. - how much could u have possibly smoked ? i doubt it was more than 584mg - that would kill one 70th of you - that doesnt sound toxic. its melting point is 163-170 °C - so there is no way u vaped it with spice - apparently its the most bitter thing known to man so im sure u tasted it.
Phlux- said:
why or how would that even get into spice ?

He used a product denatured with it for extraction.

I told you the "lethal dose" to demonstrate the ridiculously large quantity you'd have to consume to realize even the slightest ill effects, sorry if I mis-spoke or wasn't clear. Think about it this way- are you ever around an automobile, ciggarate smoke, modern life? Your inhaling LETHAL toxins all day long, but not in anywhere near sufficient quantities to cause any noticible effects,.,
I wouldn’t worry about it. Its only poisonous in large quantities, and if you freeze precipitated the DMT, I’m sure there’s none in it.

The amount of denatonium benzoate used is normally 30 parts per million. One gallon (3785 ml) of solvent will normally have about 113 mg. That’s the industry standard.

Denatonium benzoate is known to be soluble in water, alcohol, t-butyl alcohol, methanol, ethylene glycol and propylene glycol. It’s slightly soluble in acetone and practically insoluble ether.
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