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Smoking from a piston device?

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I read on several occasions about some people smoking 5-MeO-DMT from a piston device.
Anyone ever saw one in real life?

e.g. quote from here:
The pipe was made from a glass cylinder approximately 6 inches tall by 2 inches in diameter. On the bottom was a brass plate with a hole drilled and a small brass pipe stem was affixed. Inside the tube was a moveable piston with a leather seal. The crystals were placed on the brass plate and the tube was filled with Argon gas (used by wine connoisseurs to prevent oxidation) A butane flame was held under the brass plate until the carefully measured 15 mg of magical substance was completely vaporized, filing the pipe with cottony smoke. We inhaled the vapor in one large breath, until the piston moved down to the bottom of the pipe.

I asked myself if that couldn't also be done for DMT.
The volume in this description is about 300ml. As DMT needs about 2-3times as much material, would also the volume have to be bigger by that. So about 1L of volume?

I'm still looking for a fast vaporing way, without needing anything hot. I would have thought to use a donut vaporizer at the bottom of the cylinder to vape the spice into the cylinder and then go...

What could be the problems with this idea?

I would think probably condensation on the walls could be a problem.
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