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smoking tea

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has anyone heard of any negative health affects from smoking tea...?

I know some people smoke green tea, and i heard somewhere that mixing tea and tobacco is not a good idea...

does anyone have more info on this...?
why smoke tea if you can drink it? smoking is bad for your health! and it tastes like crap! rather vaporize the tea. it works for staying awake. but i'd rather vaporize some ephedra herb instead of tea. tea is for drinking!
I've heard Paul Mcartney talk about how he and the other Beatles would smoke tea leaves as youngsters to be 'groovy', with no effects obviously:)
There would be no negative effects if you vaporized the tea, depending on what kind of tea it is.
You can get a caffiene buzz off tea.
I don't see any reason tobacco and tea mixed could be bad.
Well the inhaling of combustion smokes from anything is not really healthy, but I dont know if much is known of the byproducts of tea combustion... and indeed wonder like the others why would you do it

SWIM already smoked camomille tea because its what his spice was mixed in once.. it tasted ok, was a 50:50 mid.
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