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Smoking technique and time between smoking.

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Hi, late happy new year!

It's been a while since my other posts but I don't have that much time sadly. I didn't even get to smoke!

Yesterday I finally did it after 2 months or so and smoked about 37 mg +-3 which may not seem much but it was a hell of a ride and I realized I was not smoking with the proper technique before. I always had this brown residue in my pipe (crystal meth pipe) and would clean it by putting it on the stove for a bit. I thought it was normal but yesterday I had none and I came to the conclusion that I was burning it before, at least a bit.

So in case you also happen to leave residue, that's a sign that you're burning some of it. Don't worry if you need to heat it for longer or if you see a bit of vapor coming out of the pipe, it's really not much at all and won't affect your experience. That's something that always worried me and would make me put the flame closer. Now, smoking clean, smooth vapor? That will definitely affect your experience in a good way.

Another thing I was wondering is how much time do you take between smoking and if you have tried smoking non-stop for some minutes.

Yesterday I had 37 mg but didn't smoke them all at once, it was about 4 trips one after the other. The first one was ok, nice visuals and nice feelings. The second one was also ok but less intense. The third one was almost nothing at all. Now the fourth one...Damn. It was a crazy experience, with breakthrough and everything which was pretty unexpected for such a low dose (would be around 25 mg maybe, after those 3 trips). I even heard a "voice", a sort of robot/computer voice which is something that has never happened to me as I never hear anything at all but some random sounds and that loud ringing.

Now I'm wondering why the last trip was so intense. On that last trip I took 2 very slow long (about 8-10 second tokes) and had this great experience. I even saw how the pipe was transforming itself while I was still halfway the first toke. Was it because of the long tokes or because I already had 3 trips in a short period of time? All of this was in around 30-40 minutes and after that, about 1 hour of still tripping! Not that much but could still see patterns and even saw my face in the mirror morphing into some kind of human/animal thing. Now I'm wondering if DMT trips "accumulate" if you do it like this which sounds strange but I don't know, it's just that the dose seems too small for that kind of trip and "after trip" trip.

Have a nice weekend people and happy trips!
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