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smoking technique?

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a buddy of mine had a couple of questions.. he was wondering if dmt can be smoked thru a glass spoon pipe, yanno, your typical herb pipe lol.. maybe lighting the bottom of the bowl to vaporize the stuff before your toke? he knows nothing about smoking it, has looked online, but has found very little.. also, how long should you hold the toke in for? is it like salvia? as long as you can stand it? ive even read exp reports on a certain site where the guy smoked it out of an apple pipe.. any help would be greatly appreciated :D
Don't use thick walled glass. It will take forever to heat up and it's real easy to apply excess heat because it takes a while before it's conducted throughout the glass. Also, the smaller the pipe the harsher the smoke comes out, so I prefer to vape out of larger piece, such as a bong without water with a lightbulb jury-rigged to the stem, or my personal favorite, the "lung", which is a container with an elastic bladder fitted and secured inside the container and that to your vaping piece. So as you apply heat to the piece a string attached to the bladder is retracted to create vaccuum. This works really well because you can draw it back really slow to create a very dense and rich smoke and then allow it time to cool down before inhaling. This gets me absolutely fucked without the need of taking multiple hits(which is common for many smoking methods). I notice some DMT does condense on the walls 'cuz I can feel a very thin oily film if I rub my finger on the inside, but the ease of inhalation beats losing a little bit. Nice thing about the lung is you can exhale back into it to save the hit so you don't have to exhaust yourself by holding your breath. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the experience.
man.. that lung sounds badass! im gonna have to make one of those.. i went to the headshop to look for *gag* a freebase pipe, but couldnt find one anywhere.. so i settled for a spoon pipe of very thin glass, but it still isint thin enough as the dmt does nothing when the lighter is on the bottom of the pipe... this also may be a reason i cant get a breakthrough dose... what i have been doing is loading it up, and then sucking the flame down on the stuff for like a split second, and it liquifies.. i load the bottom of the bowl with ashes beforehand so the liquid doesnt escape, then when its good and gooey i toke with a directly applied flame which im sure is the wrong thing to do.. dont get me wrong i mean it DEFINENTLY worked.. but thats prolly the reason i'm not getting the bang for my buck, cuz some of the bowls i loaded up last night looked absolutley huge, but i never broke through once.. that lung sounds like a killer idea though man :D oh and thanks for that link a couple posts back, that REALLY helped
and yeah man you couldnt be anymore right about a small pipe being harsh.. this one is 2 inches long.. and when i graduated last night to the big tokes, in the very beginning, there was an overwhelming burning in my lungs and throat that stayed with me the whole trip, each time i did it..
The lung works very well, however I will probably never use one again for DMT. I once tried to get about 200mg of DMT in a single lung hit. I got all the smoke in one pull then I blacked out for about 10 seconds. When I opened my eyes I was in a very unpleasant setting. This took place in the forest on a nice sunny spring day, and after taking the lung hit the forest and sky lost all of their color and there were dark menacing eyes and trees all around me. I felt like putrid death and this lasted for about 30 minutes. I thought I'd permanently overdone it or something because the effects didn't build or subside for the whole 30 minutes...it was like I was stuck there and I didn't like it. I could smell DMT in my sweat for days afterwards. Later that day I used my usual small waterpipe sans water with wonderful effects. Beware of the lung. My preferred method is using a small waterpipe sans water (as mentioned). I place a small glass screen in the bottom and put in a layer of oregano or parsley. On top of this is loaded a crapload of DMT. Never measured, usually good for 3-4 trips. I suggest not even bother weighing your doses. Just use a shitload. On top of the DMT is another layer of herbs sufficient to cover the spice. Now when you go to smoke it, slowly descend the flame into the bowel until the DMT melts into the herbs. Now you can lightly touch the flame to the spice/herbs and it'll vaporize VERY well...after working with this technique you can perfect your ability vaporize the ideal amount while inhaling and take textbook hits. The thing to remember when smoking DMT is that you're not trying to get high from DMT - you're trying to have a DMT trip. This means that you have a small frame of time to get in as much spice as possible to your bloodstream before your inhibitors go apeshit. So take big hits - but not so big that they make you cough. Then hold it for a good ten seconds. Exhale and repeat. The effects come on very fast but that doesn't mean you're done yet. I see a lot of people take one hit and then pass the pipe away, as the effects are immediate and prominent and they think they've taken enough, but you're really missing the point if you take a single hit. Take another hit in the same fashion. [b:19ab8dccdf]Do not focus on anything but taking more hits[/b:19ab8dccdf]. It's hard, especially when your pipe and your hands start warping and all those weird sounds appear and your thoughts trail off into oblivion, but do not give up! After about 4 good hits you'll really be in for it. The more you can get in the better. Your trips will take you a LOT farther after you've perfected your smoking technique.
I've heard people talk about using leafs to layer the spice with. What kind of leafs do people prefer? Some say oregano, any say parsley and some say mint leafs. I guess it's just a matter of taste or... How for example is parsley better than mint leafs?
I've never used mint before, but i've been meaning to try it just because it might be tasty. I do use parsley, and the reason it works well is it's just a smooth smoke, and most people have it laying around the house. However, i was eating some chicken the other day, and just the smell/taste of parsley is almost enough to give me a flashback. Not that i'm complaining, it's just kinda funny.
My friend prefers parsley because it is pretty much tasteless and smooth. He also LOVES using a nice 15X salvia extract on occassion.
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